From My Heart To My Hands: Lay Me Down 3

Song Devotional (3)


We sign so many songs that sometimes we can get lost in the true meaning of the words! It is easy for that to happen, so we need to make sure we understand what we are praising.

In Lay Me Down, we are offering ourselves up. It’s a song of surrender!

Do you ever lift your hands up in church? In the past, the ritual for surrender was to give your weapons to your enemy. You would give everything away and leave yourself exposed and vulnerable. You and your surrounding individuals would then raise your arms in submission.

It is the same premise for when we are worshiping God. We lift our hands and offer ourselves to God. We give everything up to Him, and surrender both our problems and ourselves to God. We become defenseless and dependent.

There’s nothing wrong with that though. In life, we often harden our hearts and teach people to trust no one. When we let our guard down and let Christ have us completely, it will make a huge difference. However, our daily sacrifice won’t make sense to others. People will not be able to understand why we live this life, especially if we do it with happiness.

It will be my joy to say Your will, Your way.

Let the song be your prayer. Let the words roll off your tongue as a humble sacrifice to God. You are giving yourself to the living God that created you, the God that is greater than anyone in the world. You belong to Him, and even when the world gets tough, it doesn’t matter because you have already won. You are victorious.

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory. 1 John 4:4a

Lay me down, I’m not my own. I belong to You alone. Live or die, I’m not mine. I only belong to You.

You don’t belong to yourself.

You don’t belong to your inadequacies.

You don’t belong to your struggles.

You don’t belong to your sins.

These failures are not hooked to you, nor do they belong to you. Your identity is found in Christ alone.

Lay yourself down. It’s time to surrender.

DSC_0166Trevor Jenkins is a recent High School Graduate serving as a student intern with Vision 2 Hear. He has been part of Vision 2 Hear for 7 years and traveled extensively performing and sharing. You can check out his blog at

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