Nicaragua/El Salvador October/November


Dear Friends,

I am making plans for a return visit to Nicaragua and El Salvador in October/November. The trip will be in conjunction with my church New Vision in Fayetteville, GA. Right now there are 2of us with V2H attending and 3 from New Vision. This trip will consist of several different ministry opportunities. We will plan to travel to a couple of the same places we have been previously like Ten Tall and The Dump in Chinadega. We will also be visiting a nearby orphanage and ministering to about 20 children who live there.

Jorge Campos will travel from El Salvador and meet us in in Padre Ramos to help with translation, as well as, meet with student leaders and help with training and ministry opportunities. We plan to have several teaching and training modules in addition to the usual Bible study times each evening.

Trevor and I will then leave with Jorge on October 27 and travel by bus to San Salvador, where we will be until November 4. During this time, we will have a few training sessions with V2H El Salvador leaders, along with the leadership of the church plant “The Church” under Mario DeValle’s leadership. Mario planted this church about 3 years ago and has been growing much since that time. We are excited about the privilege we have to invest in their leadership and training. We will also work with some other college age Americans who are there for Global Year, through First Baptist Woodstock. We will do some mission training exercises and of course we will perform some sign language and host a couple of events for outreach.

To cover Trevor and my expenses and help cover Jorge’s travel to Nicaragua, we need to raise about $1000 more. Then I am also trying to secure another $2000 to cover a trip to India in late November to work with some church plants and orphanages. The $2000 covers everything from round trip flight to housing etc. This is a very good price for a trip like this. So all told, I need to generate $3000 over the next few weeks. This is an enormous amount of money for the time frame, I understand. With life as it is for many of us, it would simply be unthinkable. However, I do believe in a God who is able and in friends like you who are generous and want to help.

Would you simply consider a gift of $5? Do more if you can but $5 from everyone I know on Social Media could be enough to get me, Trevor, Jorge in all the places I’ve mentioned and then get me to India and back a couple of times easily! Your contribution would be helping us make a significant difference around the world. Please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible contribution at





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