George Lockhart

Quiet Time

Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two—Matthew 5:41 

The things Jesus calls me to are impossible without His Supernatural Spirit alive and at work within me. Christ is not calling me to simply act out something but further; He is calling me to become someone different and “otherworldly” that I am not apart from Him.

When wronged, Christ expects me to do right. When hurt, Christ expects me to forgive. These are not natural responses. A smile on my face cannot cover the anger in my heart. The only thing that will persuade me in those times to act/ behave/believe in a Christlike manner is a deeply rooted personal relationship with Christ Himself.
Life will quickly become disillusioning and disorienting without a laser-like focus on Christ.

The principles of Christ, the manner in which He lived, can only be lived by Christ. His nature must…

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