4 Questions For Teams That Struggle

George Lockhart

4 Questions For Teams That Struggle

Every team, ministry or group is faced with challenges or problems at some point. This is the nature of working with imperfect people and situations that are beyond our control. What can you do to address these times best? Here are four important questions to help move toward a successful resolution.

What is the “real” problem?

The reason “real” is in quotations is because many times, “problems” stem from wrong perceptions. There may not be a “real” problem but because of a lack of communication (which would be the “real” problem) people have ideas, misconceptions and unsettled feelings. When feelings, thoughts or comments tend toward negativity it is an indication that there needs to be quick assessment of expectations and communication. Finding the “real” problem is the consummate task of the leader and asking this question first and often can alleviate other issues down the road.

What has happened/ not…

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