Arrival in El Salvador

We had a couple of great last days in Nicaragua. Sunday was a very full day. We started the morning with a worship service, with the Nicaragua WAVE team performing a few songs. Trevor and I ended the music time by sharing “Ponderosa” (Stronger, by Hillsong). Then I spoke about Jesus as Lord of our lives, sharing from Galatians 2:20 among other passages. I finished up with Watch The Lamb, by request, to demonstrate the amount of love and grace Jesus has shown toward us. It was a powerful time. After the service, we handed out items we brought from the USA. Soaps, shampoos, razors, along with bags of rice we purchased once we arrived. The people were very thankful for what they received. We had enough for people to come through the line several times and take multiple items for their families. This was a huge blessing. That afternoon, we watched Transformers 4 with many from the village and then took a brief break before shooing God’s Not Dead. The people loved both films and of course, God’s Not Dead inspired many. We left both dvd’s for them to be able to use in the future. I know they are already talking about having a larger group showing of God’s Not Dead as an outreach in the community. We packed up and said good-bye to those around before we made our way to the bus stop in Chinandega. The bus came about 1:30pm and as we were getting our bags to make our way about 200 feet to where the bus was, it pulled away, leaving us! We immediately threw our bags back into the truck to chase down Tica Bus! I couldn’t believe this was happening! But then again, should anything surprise on a mission trip? LOL.  We drove honking the horn and flashing lights until we were able to finally drive alongside the buss and wave them down. It was about two miles down the road before we stopped them. Aside from that little incident, there wasn’t much else to speak of about the trip, except that is was long. The border stops took the usual 45 minutes to get through. We arrived early though in El Salvador. We were scheduled to arrive 11pm but got in close to 10 or so. Jorge wasn’t immediately available because he was planning on 11pm but he got us about 10:45pm and all was well. Today I have a dental appointment to extract a tooth and perhaps have some other work done. Will see how that goes. My good camera is messed up. For some reason the SD slot won’t accept card any longer. I hope to get it fixed while here and my glasses have gotten very scratched while here too. I hope to have all of these things taken care of this week 🙂 As for the schedule for the week, I know that we have a few presentations to make with Bible studies for groups…maybe it’s 3 total and then on Friday we have a Glow Day outreach, where the WAVE team will perform and I’ll share the gospel. I think I also am scheduled to do some training with a church plant team and then speak at the church plant on Sunday. So it could make for a busy week…please pray that the dental work doesn’t prevent me from being able to do all the other things I need to do. With that, I’ll sign off for now. More updates coming soon. George

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