El Salvador Update

The time in El Salvador is going fast but well! Thanks for all your prayers. Over the last couple of days we have been busy with practices, performances and meetings.  Yesterday we had a 3 hour practice preparing for tomorrow night’s Glow Event. We worked on songs like Monster, Radiator, among others with the ES Team. We also prepared a couple of songs with the Americans here on the Global Year project known as “GAP”.

Today we went to the Christian Deaf School that we have visited previously. We were able to share several songs with them. They loved the interaction and music. We also brought doughnuts, drinks and candy, which everyone loved as well. It was great to be with the kids, to see their smiling faces and to know we brought a little joy to their lives. A few pics here show their excitement.

The day progressed on with me being to share with the GAP students again about mission work and God’s intention for missionaries. We talked about being willing to “unlearn” our ways in order to learn God’s ways. Furthermore, we talked about discipleship and how important relationships with God and one another are. It was a great time and I am looking forward to meeting with them again tomorrow and discuss leadership.

The day ended with me going back to the dentist for a cleaning. the extraction surgery went well and it seems to be healing well. I am on meds for it and have not had a problem since the event.

As we wrap up our final couple of days we have a few more things to attend. Tomorrow night is one of our biggest events: Glow Night. We are renting some glow lights from a local DJ for $5 each. This is a huge blessing as the lights we have are just not strong enough to generate the effect we need. Be prayerful for this event as we hope to see some people make decisions for Christ and commit to being LIGHT in this world of darkness.

I will also be preaching in church on Sunday. We will share a couple of sign songs and then I’ll speak. The church is in a new location and I am excited to see some of the people I’ve met before and to meet some new folks also.

I have the stitches in my mouth removed on Monday afternoon around 4pm and then we will pack up and head to the airport later that night. I arrive back in the USA around 9am Tuesday. I have quite-a-bit of work to do once I get back to prepare for holidays and the soon departure for India. I have to secure my Visa and all as soon as I get back. I can’t do it until then because I have to send my passport with the application. So I won’t have a lot of time to spare. Please be prayerful for this matter.


Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and support,



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