Giving Tuesday (One Week Away)

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It’s just one week away, Giving Tuesday, that is. I’ll be in India during this time (I leave on Saturday). With this week leading up to it though, I’d like to ask you to consider making a donation toward Vision 2 Hear. May I submit 4 major reasons why Vision 2 Hear could use your support?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#1 Our ministry serves to equip followers of Jesus to making other disciples. Over the course of the last year, we have been able to invest in several student leader’s lives. We had an intern from Germany who traveled with V2H for close to 6 months. Your support helped make that possible, covering meals and even helping him take a trip with us to Nicaragua. We also had another intern from the USA traveling with us concurrently who also benefitted from V2H supporters. Both also traveled to multiple locations within the states sharing and performing with WAVE. Neither of those guys would have been able to experience Nicaragua as a cross-cultural first-time experience nor learn about leading, speaking, and growing deeper in their relationship with Christ apart from V2H helping make it possible.

youth-culture-report png#2 We also provide a news site called which provides news daily on trends, stats, media and educational articles related to youth ministry. This site is great for parents as well as those serving in full-time ministry. The Youth Culture Report also generates a weekly Top 10 list that is emailed out each Friday for those who subscribe. This site has been operating as part of our ministry for the last 3 years and has global reach as we see people from all around the world tap into our site for sources each day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#3 V2H is committed to helping around the world. I just got back a couple weeks ago from Nicaragua and El Salvador and as I said, I leave for India on Saturday. God has allowed us to have meaningful relationships with people in several countries through the years. V2H has sponsored kids for their education (right now we are paying for one guy’s college fees in El Salvador) and we have helped others purchase motorcycles for sustaining a business to digging water wells to provide life and health. Your donations allow us to give to those in need and help them get education, maintain a healthier life and ultimately understand the love of God in Christ.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#4 The last reason I would give is because without your support none of this would be possible. We are a non-profit organization and we do not have lots of sponsors nor supporters. God has been faithful and I am sure He will remain faithful. I’m just wondering if you are one of the ways God will show His faithfulness in provision for what we need to continue into 2015? Would you consider making a sacrificial gift now or in honor of #GivingTuesday? We have many people we would like to help and several mission trips/projects slated for 2015. We need your support and prayers. If you feel led to give, donate here.

As I close, let me say I am deeply thankful for all of you have given and supported us through the years. Vision 2 Hear started in 2002 and here we are 12 years later doing things around the world I would have never imagined. It is my prayer this Thanksgiving that you will be blessed for all you have helped us to do around the world this year. May God richly reward you for your generous support of V2H.


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George Lockhart,

President of Vision 2 Hear Ministries



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