A Walk Through The Slums In Vijayawada

Yesterday we went through some of the slums in Vijayawada. It reminded me of Nicaragua and Nigeria to some degree as you will see in the pics below. While we walked and took pics, we stopped and went into some homes, handed out candy bars to the kids and told people of the outdoor meeting for the evening.

We went through two areas. It was the second one where we had an impromptu performance of the Shark Song to promote the evening event. all the kids loved the song and we further promoted the crusade.

After coming back to the house, we had a meal, worked on various things like web design for the ministry here, discussion of other ministry needs and preparation for the evening service.

It was close to 8:15pm before we made it to the location, which was only a couple miles from the house. The streets were very crowded due to a wedding taking place. But there were about 200 people gathered around awaiting our arrival. We all shared testimonies and I shared several songs with WAVE. Brandon sang a couple songs and then I got to share a sermon and encourage the people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the end of the service we prayed over almost all of the people who were in attendance. There was one boy whom I prayed over that shared some of his story with me afterward. Please keep him in your prayers. This boy’s father committed suicide and his mother was “bewitched” (his words) and she died. He is now living with his grandparents but is in need. There are kids like this with similar stories throughout the slums and all across India. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift toward Vision 2 Hear so we can help. If you’d like to give toward helping orphans in India, please donate here: India





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