Valentine Day Thoughts On Romans 5:8

Romans 5-8

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it’s a booming business. The Day Of Love results in close to $14 Billion annually! That’s about an average of $117 per person. So what makes Valentine’s Day so special?

It’s obvious through such spending that Valentine’s Day is a huge market for business. While some would prefer to not even acknowledge the pink and red ephemeral hearts that appear everywhere to celebrate love there is a deep-seated desire to express love toward those whom are the objects of our affection. We express love with balloons, chocolate, jewelry, cards, flowers, clothes and the list goes on and on. We arrange dinners, surprises and make plans to dazzle, excite, and reignite the flame of love. We travel distances, send messages and make special appearances to convey the message of our unending, undying love. Reflecting on Valentine’s Day and this verse, Romans 5:8, brought a couple of…

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