Devotionals For Leaders: Closed Doors


Not every door that is closed is from God closing it. Some of them, you have closed. Some opportunities are only once-in-a-lifetime and they cannot be revisited. However, don’t miss the next ones to come by focusing too much on the missed ones. The ones that were missed are gone! If you are reminded of them by God, it is only to gently encourage you to not make the same mistake again. Yes, the memory may be painful but God’s intention is to use it to instruct you and lead you into greener pastures. Don’t spend your time trying to pull open a door that has been locked in the past. Instead walk through the doors that are opening right in front of you now.

What does this require? Faith. Trust. Motivation. Focus. Discipline. Belief. God may be trying to cultivate these character qualities into your life. Which ones seem…

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