Devotionals For Leaders: A Beautiful Collision


…who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree… —1 Peter 2:24

The cross was not the place where Christ lost but rather won. It was there at the intersection of the Cross where God’s Wrath was met by the powerful blood of His Holy Son and became the Beautiful Collision.

This collision of sin and Savior was not about death but life…life for all. Jesus surrendered and sacrificed Himself to purchase the right to life for all Mankind. This wasn’t a coincidence or a mistake but a well-thought-out plan to redeem and secure Mankind. It was Jesus’ intention all along to die for us and on the cross is where it happened, once and for all, Christ bore up our sins in the ultimate and consummate offering of Himself to his Father.

The Cross was not something that happened to Jesus— He came to die…

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