Devotionals For Leaders: Giving Attention To Details

George Lockhart


Details. Details. Details. They matter. In fact, for the leader, everything matters. There’s nothing that you are going to deal with that doesn’t have some impact, even in the smallest of ways upon your life. comments, attitudes, and certainly words/actions have a profound impact upon us. And we use those very same things to make an impact upon others. It’s all about the details.

God is a God of details. So don’t underestimate the small things in your life, thinking that it doesn’t matter or that it’s insignificant. Don’t become so focused on the forest that you miss the fallen branch. God may be desiring to deal with you about a certain thing and yet you are too focused on something that seems a “bigger deal” to you. Stop thinking like and focus on what God is showing you. Be obedient in the smallest of details because God notices all…

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