Summer Missions: On Our Way Soon!


In just a short couple weeks, Vision 2 Hear will embark on a summer filled with mission projects. It’s an exciting time that we have been planning for since last November. This summer, V2H is sending people to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and South Korea! We have people traveling to those places from three states and are helping send/work with close to 50 people on those trips. God has been doing some amazing things putting all this together.

2015-04-26 14.21.07V2H will also have a couple of projects in the USA. This year, George will be speaking at a work camp in Ringgold Georgia called Project 127. During the day we will help fix and repair homes in the area and then each evening George will speak and perform along with some V2H WAVE team members from NC, TN and GA.

George Camp will host it’s 4th year at Wayside Baptist Church in August. We are very excited to be back once again. George Camp Miami will have about 75 elementary students playing extreme games, experiencing intense worship and making decisions that will effect eternity!

george shaving cream

We could still use some help with funds. As I’m sure you are aware, mission projects can be costly. This year, V2H is helping fund several people on trips. Many of our WAVE Team members are not always able to raise all of their money, and sometimes, families with multiple children also have a difficult time generating all the funds needed. So, would you help us send people this summer?

Teams traveling this summer will be part of the following projects:

Nicaragua: working with the impoverished, handing out Spanish Bibles, providing beans and rice, physical labor, and leading Bible studies nightly.

Honduras: helping a local church build a playground, provide materials and lead a VBS, assist with outreach programs.

El Salvador: support our V2H ministry in ES, working in Suchitoto which is a farming community with a VBS type couple of days and perform several times a few Christian deaf schools.

South Korea: work with Korean/American missionaries in a seminary, teaching people conversational english, speaking in two church services, performing Sign songs.

We could still use about $5,000 more. If you would like to make a donation, click here: GIVE

For more information about our mission projects check out our site: www.vision2hear.comv2h-banner-2013.png

Thanks for your prayers and support. More info coming soon as we gear up to go!

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