Surge Trips 1&2

The Drums -How It Ended-, Portamento,I leave about 6pm tomorrow night for Managua, Nicaragua. I will meet the rest of the team of 23 at the airport about 3pm. With so many we have to arrive very early of course. I am joining the team from Tennessee, lead by Terry Davis, a friend and member of Vision 2 Hear, who is also the pastor of The Movement.

This trip makes my 8th time ( I think) to Padre Ramos, working alongside our dear friends at the Youth Ranch. I am looking forward to seeing our friends and the kids again who make up the wonderful community there. We expect to work with various projects like passing out Bibles in nearby villages, along with helping feed some people in the more impoverished areas. In the past, we have done many things like this before, even delivering sinks and ovens.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Delivering a sink for a family in…

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