Ministry In El Salvador Update

Vision 2 Hear El Salvador just had their 8th year of ministry birthday.  Last week the V2H ES team did a lot of work to celebrate the 8th year of ministry. As part of the celebration, they went out to New Renacer and had a children’s day. I’ve been to this community a few times and V2H ES is doing an awesome job in holistic ministry here. With several churches and individuals making all of this possible, V2H ES was able to bring life and light to these children once again!

10484951_10152999684951511_2531318208000656386_n 12088511_10152999685041511_6494205548935048704_n 12143327_10152999684981511_7104159577200657359_n pinata 1

They also took time last week to get the G-Spot Skate Park ready for the huge event this weekend:

10850314_949182901814726_4022469555182625491_n 12107917_949182881814728_5635828557204568732_n

V2H ES is a ministry partner with G-Spot and is committed to reaching the skating community for Christ. This event will be a great opportunity to talk about being Light in Darkness and also gave the V2H ES team a chance to serve by readying the park through painting and preparation.

paint skatepark 2 12087860_949510305115319_4866641689628984035_o paint skatepark paint skatepark 3

As the team finished the preparations, they tested the lights and made sure that everything was ready and working properly…and of course they had a little fun too!

glow 2 glow 1

The event is scheduled to happen this weekend and they are expecting a HUGE turnout. We did a skate event a few years ago and had over 300 attend. This may well exceed that! Please keep this event in your prayers this week and especially this weekend. If you would like to contribute to V2H ES and the work we are doing, please make a tax-deductible gift here using

Thanks so much!

George Lockhart,

President Vision 2 Hear USA

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