System Reboot


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The year is moving with alacrity. The question is are we moving with it? Time waits for no one but I have found that when my computer, phone or other electronic device isn’t working properly, maybe it’s time for a system reboot. This may be the case in your personal life also. If life seems a little sluggish, consider these things.

Start the day right.

Giving time to God and refocusing on the matters that are most important to you in life are great in the system reboot. When we lose sight of goals, reasons for living, purpose, etc., life is not just a drag, it seems like everything is a waste.

Slow your pace.

Busyness doesn’t equal productivity or fruitfulness. What’s wrong with taking 15 extra minutes to complete a project if it means it will be done better? Or arriving 30 minutes later if it means everyone arrives safely? Living at a pace where things are enjoyed as well as accomplished is what I am working toward…let me encourage you to do the same.


God established sabbath as weekly time to rest, worship and reflect. Our bodies are made for this kind of rhythm: work, celebrate, rest. How are you are this? Maybe a look at why you struggle with this flow in life will help with a system reboot?


Making use of calendars and to-do lists can help with not only managing life’s pace but ensuring there is margin and meaning in each day. Taking time to schedule meetings, events, and family time will give you the freedom to be flexible and or stringent, depending on what “crisis” or surprise pops us.


A distracted life can lead to a destructed life. Clear out mess. Clean out files, closets, inboxes, and junk. Don’t buy into a false sense of importance through accumulation. Don’t let things from the past slow you down, weigh you down or pull you down.  Get rid of as much “physical” stuff as “emotional” that you can. Baggage is heavy. In a system reboot, deal with the past and move on.


Anything that is unproductive or harmful: STOP! Don’t perpetuate bad or harmful behavior. Discontinue procedures or plans that aren’t working and helping you reach your goals this year. Stop signs are all around us, if we don’t heed them we will wreck.


Remember that each year is filled with 4 seasons. Life is also filled with different seasons. Evaluate what season of life you are in and live accordingly. A system reboot will help in assessing where you are in life. It will also help in resetting the new course of direction needed to enjoy the season you’re in. Remember, we don’t determine times and seasons; God does. We can however, embrace each unique season with joy and gratitude.

What do you do when you need to move forward?


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