Awaken Tour El Salvador

We have been in ES for a few days now and just completed the #searchingcamp weekend with college students. It was a great time with about 20 students and then staff and volunteers from Fe Vive Church. We traveled out about 2 hours in the back of this truck and ascended into the mountains surrounded by a lake. camp 4

We helped decorate the facility and prepare for the weekend. When the students arrived, they were mostly new to each other and certainly to us. The group was composed of local college students that had a connection to the pastor who also teaches at the college but most of these students are not completely connected to a church.

The weekend consisted of three sessions, along with music we performed. The church team had a great amount of games, activities and experiences to tie in the theme of the weekend. Saturday night was the culmination of the experiences with all going through several stations demonstrating Christ’s love.

On Sunday, we had several stand for recommitment to Christ and start their semester break with a renewed understanding of how God is searching for them and seeking after them. It was awesome! Pray for us as we leave now to begin working in a community installing a pipe system and VBS.

camp 3 camp 2 camp 1

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