Vision 2 Hear Update Christmas Week

Merry christmas

It’s been a very busy week with V2H, to which I’m sure you can all understand. Leading up to Christmas, we’ve had two Christmas concerts, made plans for the El Salvador trip in January and more. Here are a few details.

Summit Church Christmas Concert

A little over a week ago now, the Vision 2 Hear WAVE Teams performed their Christmas concert at Summit Baptist Church in Loganville. With teams coming from Fayetteville, GA, Snellville, GA, Loganville, GA and Hixson, TN, the church was packed with people and abuzz with excitement. The teams came together and worked well as a family of signers making this Christmas concert a pure joy.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Jenkins

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Giving Tuesday Results

This year V2H was able to collect $2000 for India Orphans! Thank you all for your faithful giving and support of the work we are doing around the world. Your gifts will help the SAC orphanage in India continue to grow and support children in need. May God bless you for your generous gifts!

NC WAVE Christmas Performance

2015-12-20 19.57.14

Last night the NC WAVE Team performed at the Havelock First Baptist Church with a great response. The team did exceptionally well for their very full Christmas concert, sharing 12 songs in sign and movement. It was a great time for all and I am very proud of this team and all their hard work! Videos from the show are being uploaded onto my Youtube Channel.

El Salvador Is Set

As I mentioned in previous newsletters, a college student is traveling with me to El Salvador in January. Here is some of her letter

I am coming up on my final semester of my undergraduate degree this spring. The opportunity has come up for me to take a trip with an organization called Vision2Hear that will count for a credit that I need to graduate in May. I stumbled upon this organization through a series of random events when I was searching through the internet on topics related to American Sign Language for the club that I teach on campus.

El Salvador is one of the most violent countries on earth. Coming out of various civil wars, the government is untrusted and crime rates are high. There is not much care for the country’s Deaf community. Unlike the Deaf in America who are educated and can read and write English, along with speaking their own language, Deaf Salvadorians are not educated in written Spanish. Also, many of them are lucky if they have a modality of language at all, as there is not a very unified Deaf community. Deaf education is a huge need. In some instances, untaught Deaf persons will make up their own signs called “home signs” so that they can at least communicate with family. All of this contributes to the difficulties and scattered nature of the Sign Language in El Salvador.

“There is an estimated 15,000 deaf signers in El Salvador, 0.25% of the population of El Salvador. Roughly 65% use Salvadoran Sign Language (LESSA), about 20% use a Salvadoran variety of American Sign Language (ASL) (either mixed with LESSA or following Spanish word order), and 10% use a combination of Costa Rican Sign Language (LESCO) and LESSA. In addition, roughly 5% live in rural areas and may use home signs (2010).”

As you can imagine, considering these language barriers, there are also significant resulting obstacles in spreading the love of Christ. Considering the lack of written education, most Deaf persons cannot read a bible, though they may have access to one. Since they don’t speak Spanish, they only have their visual language for communication of ideas. This is a heartbreaking reality, that even today there are people that still do not have access to the knowledge found in the bible.

In my participation with V2H, I would be working with the Deaf in El Salvador in various different contexts. Many of them use American Sign Language, which I am already quite familiar with. V2H is partnered with a church specializing in Deaf ministry in that area, so assisting their needs will be an important part of the trip. I will also be paired with the Wave team in El Salvador and do Sign Language outreach in the area to open up conversation about Christ. It is also a possibility that I may be working with Deaf schools in the area. There are various other outreaches done by the team such as ministries in local skate parks that I would likely be helping with as well.

I have never had a specific direction pertaining to God’s calling on my life—a surety such as that is something that all Christians wrestle with and hope to gain. In light of this truth, I am overwhelmed with an inexpressible joy within me that is unmistakably of God, and unmistakably, somehow, connected to the Deaf community. Sign Language does something to the spirit inside of me, where I feel a pull of compassion and purpose that I don’t feel as intensely in any other area of my life. I don’t believe that all of the coincidences that have brought me to my current position were coincidences at all, in fact, I believe I am just beginning to see the path that God is intentionally setting before my feet. I am unable to be convinced that this trip is a chance encounter. I am overwhelmed with His care and provision for every area of my life.

God Bless,


So we are very excited to be part of helping Angela and El Salvador at the same time. We are gearing up for this trip in early January and I’ll stay for a shorter period of time than she, since I had some other engagements back in the USA I need to take care of. But continue to pray for her and this great start for V2H’s New Year!

The Movement

Over the last couple weeks The Movement, V2H’s church plant has been working diligently at raising funds for purchasing a building/land in TN for their own church facility. With the church having more than 60 in meetings at times, the space they currently use is really not adequate for gatherings. Please continue to pray for them and V2H as we move forward into 2016 seeking god’s will for the church movement and work God is doing in TN. For more information about the church check out

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El Salvador Update And More

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Happy December Everyone!

I want to give you a few updates on things happening this month so you can pray and be part of the wonderful things God is doing through Vision 2 Hear. It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is already here and as we quickly head into 2016, there’s still much happening in 2015!
Currently I’m in NC with my mom, helping with various things. She has a couple of doctor’s appointments today and tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll meet with the NC WAVE Team to help them prepare for their upcoming concert on December 20. I’ll head back to GA on Saturday so I can attend New Vision Church on Sunday and visit The Summit WAVE team for practice that afternoon. I’ll travel to TN on Wednesday to work with the WAVE team there and help them for the upcoming concert on December 13th at The Summit Church, where we will host our only Christmas Concert in GA at 6:30pm. That concert will include the WAVE teams from TN and the two from GA. It’s gonna be a great night of worship. If you are able to join us, please come out!
 unsilent night
We also have our Christmas concert in NC at The First Baptist Church of Havelock on December 20th at 6:30pm. It’s located at 111 Hollywood Blvd. Havelock, NC 28532. Please come out and support this team as they perform Christmas music for the first time!

Giving Tuesday

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This past Tuesday we celebrated Giving Tuesday and several of you gave toward helping orphans in India. I am sincerely grateful for the donations that came in. I will get the totals out to you soon on how much was raised and how many orphans that will help in 2016. Please keep the SAC ministry in your prayers. Pastor Rajendra is working hard there with many engagements for speaking and developing the outreach of the church. I am making plans to return there in late February to lead a Sign Language WAVE Conference and disciple a few students for the work of the Lord to continue. We have a couple of other ideas forming and hope to be able to see those things develop over the coming weeks. I’ll let you know as soon as I have something confirmed to share.

Here is a link for video you can watch. Pastor Rajendra has been able to preach on TV locally several times. This will help you see the potential we have for reaching more people in India for Christ.

Please be praying for India as they are suffering from monsoon rains and flooding is a serious issue for them now.

El Salvador

Jorge Campos has written a little note to inform us of what is happening in El Salvador. Here is his letter:

Jorge (left) with a friend at work during the Christmas season.

Jorge (left) with a friend at work during the Christmas season.

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood,
a holy nation, God’s special possession,
that you may declare the praises of Him
who called you out of darkness
 into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9

God and His word are so clear to us. He is the One that created us and gave us an identity. Wrongly society has been teaching that our actions define who we are, that it depends on what we do or what happens to us then we are. But Christ is so clear to teach that our identity is defined by Him and that’s what determines the actions, and what we are called to. First, we Are then we Do! Human Beings not Human Doings.
As Vision 2 Hear Ministries El Salvador, we strongly believe we have to transfer this core truth to the different communities of youth that have being marginalized for so many reasons by society; still we believe the main problem is not the discrimination but the internalization of it, this is that the communities of youth that have being marginalized have believed the discrimination as truth.
So in the last month we have developed different activities with the communities of youth to transfer the one and only truth: HIM. We had an Glow Skating and Graffiti Outreach at the missionary house and the skate park that we have been supporting through the generous offerings of our donors.
While skating and making the graffiti art, all the attendants had the chance to see the WAVE team perform and to hear the special truth of a loving God!
Also with Nuevo Renacer we celebrated children’s day, with piñatas and special snacks as we taught the mothers to love their kids as they are loved by God. For sure we pass to the infants and youth the special and unmeasurable value they have in Christ.
God provided  money to rent a truck that will allow us to visit the rural community, have piñatas, snacks for the mothers and children, and refreshments on a regular basis. And God prepared a special team of students and volunteers to help with more than 125 people in attendance.
Thank you all for you prayers!
Sincerely Gracious!
Jorge Campos
From that letter, you can read that God is doing some great things there. I am making plans to visit El Salvador in January and work with Jorge bringing in some school supplies that were donated by our friends at Christ Fellowship Academy. I’ll also be traveling with a student intern from Pennsylvania who is seeking to get college credit working with the deaf in El Salvador. Vision 2 Hear is making this trip possible for her to complete her degree and graduate in May. So we praise God for this chance to be part of her life and career. Her name is Angela Lowe and she will be staying in ES for 3 weeks working with Jorge and others in Vision 2 Hear to further the Kingdom! Please keep all of us in your prayers as this trip comes quickly and there are still many details to confirm. But we are all excited to see what God has awaiting us in January.
If you would like to make a year end contribution to Vision 2 Hear, we would greatly appreciate it! You can give online here: Donate or mail a check to 2046 Kyhber Pass Snellville, GA 30039.
More updates coming soon.
Thanks for your prayerful support.

Weekend Update

The Movement: 30-Hour Famine

The church founded under Vision 2 Hear which meets in Hixson, TN hosted their annual 30-Hour Famine this weekend. With close to 60 people participating in the fast and service event for the weekend, students and adults alike not only grew in their faith but shared love among the community.

The Movement began the fast on Friday and ended Saturday evening with a shared meal. Throughout the event, the group did various things ranging from playing games or sharing in experiential exercises  where members had various limitations in order to better understand how others live. They also did yard work for people in the community along with preparing meals and serving them for the homeless.

We are very excited about how God is using this church to be the Church in the community in and around Chattanooga, TN. God has really been growing The Movement over the last 2 years and we can’t wait to see what is next. Here are a few pics from their weekend. As more information comes in, we’ll update you with how much they were able to raise to help the poor around the world. Thanks to Terry and all those who shared in this wonderful event! A special shoutout to Mary Ann Blevins for all her pics below.



Weekend Update: V2H Happenings

This was a very busy weekend for V2H WAVE Teams. In fact, it was a busy week.


Last Wednesday, the TN WAVE Team performed at their Fields Of Faith Event at Hixson High School. #Fieldsoffaith is an event sponsored by Fellowship Of Christian Athletes across many school campuses each fall. The TN WAVE Team did several songs ranging from WAKE to OPEN SKIES. The response to the worship was wonderful and the team did exceptionally well. God moved on the scene and there were many moved closer to God through the powerful message given that evening! V2H and the TN WAVE are very grateful to have been part of this wonderful event in reaching students for the glory of God! Watch clips here courtesy of  Dustee and Roderick and Jamie Jenkins :


Vision 2 Hear El Salvador hosted the first GLOW SKATE PARTY at the G-SPOT SKATE PARK on Saturday. From a graffiti competition to skate competition, V2H and V2H ES are committed to creatively communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The night started with new graffiti being painted on the walls. Local artists joined in to give the skate park a facelift and we used it as an opportunity to engage believers and non-believers for the glory of God.

The evening continued with black lights and fluorescent paints being activated and then skaters hitting the ramps doing tricks of all kinds. There was also a competition and new skateboard decks were given away to winners.

Here are a few pics of the night. A very special shout out to Vision 2 Hear ES and all those who volunteer there to serve. You guys are awesome and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!


On Saturday, the NC WAVE TEAM had the chance to serve alongs side New Covenant Church at Fox Chase Village, a local mobile home park and serve over 300 people (with more than half of them being children, many being of asian and Spanish descent)! We helped operate game areas for the children and then we shared several songs, with a couple of them in Spanish. This was a great follow-up for several from the team who had served in El Salvador this summer. The team did a great jumping in to serve and performing. Here are a few pics from the event.

So thanks for all your prayers for things that are happening with Vision 2 Hear. We couldn’t do what we do without your prayers and support. If you’d like to support us in these efforts and others like it, please donate through paypal here:

Give To Vision 2 Hear

Updates from India coming soon!


George Lockhart,

President of Vision 2 Hear

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Ministry In El Salvador Update

Vision 2 Hear El Salvador just had their 8th year of ministry birthday.  Last week the V2H ES team did a lot of work to celebrate the 8th year of ministry. As part of the celebration, they went out to New Renacer and had a children’s day. I’ve been to this community a few times and V2H ES is doing an awesome job in holistic ministry here. With several churches and individuals making all of this possible, V2H ES was able to bring life and light to these children once again!

10484951_10152999684951511_2531318208000656386_n 12088511_10152999685041511_6494205548935048704_n 12143327_10152999684981511_7104159577200657359_n pinata 1

They also took time last week to get the G-Spot Skate Park ready for the huge event this weekend:

10850314_949182901814726_4022469555182625491_n 12107917_949182881814728_5635828557204568732_n

V2H ES is a ministry partner with G-Spot and is committed to reaching the skating community for Christ. This event will be a great opportunity to talk about being Light in Darkness and also gave the V2H ES team a chance to serve by readying the park through painting and preparation.

paint skatepark 2 12087860_949510305115319_4866641689628984035_o paint skatepark paint skatepark 3

As the team finished the preparations, they tested the lights and made sure that everything was ready and working properly…and of course they had a little fun too!

glow 2 glow 1

The event is scheduled to happen this weekend and they are expecting a HUGE turnout. We did a skate event a few years ago and had over 300 attend. This may well exceed that! Please keep this event in your prayers this week and especially this weekend. If you would like to contribute to V2H ES and the work we are doing, please make a tax-deductible gift here using

Thanks so much!

George Lockhart,

President Vision 2 Hear USA

Interview With Jorge Campos

suchitoto 3

From being an intern with Vision 2 Hear, to serving as a short-term missionary in countries like Romania and Iceland, Jorge has had a huge impact on many people around the world. In this interview he shares about his ministry and impact of Vision 2 Hear on his life and plans about the future for Vision 2 Hear El Salvador.

Ministry Updates: India and El Salvador

This has been an exciting month for a couple of our sister ministries. In India, Pastor Rajendra and the community near the orphanage was able to get the long-awaited playground installed. This is a project we have been anticipating since the children’s ministry at New Vision Church generated the funds to donate this to the orphans.

As you can see from the pictures, the playground has several ways for the children to play and no doubt the children will be very excited to have this area to enjoy. The orphanage currently has 16 children residing (to my knowledge) and Vision 2 Hear along with a couple of other churches are helping to support them. If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan, please contact us at for more information. We hope to update you soon from Pastor Rajendra with more pics of the WAVE Team and churches there. Until, continue to pray for Sion Assembly Church.

12042998_10152965196241511_431678561104467675_nVision 2 Hear El Salvador is moving into their 8th year of ministry. They will celebrate the “official” birthday in October. Recently, Jorge and many of the V2H members have continued their weekly visits to Suchitoto to work with the rural farming community and share Christ’s love. V2H ES has been instrumental over the last several years in providing physical assistance along with spiritual discipleship.

Jorge Campos, President of V2H ES continues to work at the state congress as an interpreter for the deaf, as well as serve V2H and organize the ministry efforts. We are very excited about all that God is doing through him and the members of V2H ES. He will be updating us soon with what projects they hope to accomplish in 2016. Continue to pray for them and all the work with the skater outreach, Suchitoto, and mission house ministry. If you would like to donate to V2H ES, you can do so through paypal.