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3 Reasons For Ingratitude

Originally posted on George Lockhart:

3 reasonsWith Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I thought I’d share a few reasons why I might be ungrateful sometimes. I hope you don’t find yourself in any of these mindsets either.


This should not be a surprise to anyone with pride being the root of all sin. Pride can rear it’s ugly head with a mindset that I somehow deserve what’s been done for me. By not giving thanks for a kindness shown, I reveal that in my heart of hearts, I somehow feel it beneath me to show gratitude.

Look at what Paul says to the people at Corinth:

For who regards you as superior or what sets you apart as special? What do you have thatyoudidnotreceive [from another]? And if in fact youreceived it [from God or someone else], why do you boast as if you had notreceived it [but…

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