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Many times we forget that God doesn’t use some “supernatural” way to speak to us but it can be in the stillness of the night, or in the quietness of our hearts. Slowing down, taking time to listen and prayerful reflection in God’s word is a great way to know and understand God’s call for your life. Why not set aside a few minutes over today and tomorrow to listen for God’s voice and solidify your calling with God. It can change your trajectory for the rest of the year and perhaps your whole life!

Remember that God is always calling. The question is are we listening?

Back To School Quiet Times: Weeks 3-4

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Back to School Cover

For those who have committed to a daily quiet time with God, here are some of the free resources for you to use over the next couple weeks. If you missed the previous week’s downloads or handouts, you can find them on the resource page. Drop a note or comment about how these are working for you or anything God is teaching you through these quiet times with God. We’d love to hear from you!

Back To School Quiet Times September week 3-4

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