Garden City Camp with Unity Baptist Church

Many years ago I was working at Teen Valley Ranch in Plumtree, NC ( and I met my friend Matt Munday, who is the pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Crouse, NC. Their church invited us a couple of years ago to assist with VBS and we had an incredible time. This year they invited us to come and assist with their summer camp, which was a great time also!

We stayed at Garden City Chapel, just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. The facility was nice and close to the ocean. There was plenty of space to move about and the weather for the most part was great! Rene (my intern from El Salvador) and I planned games, led worship and I spoke to the students for the week. The theme was “Diving In” since we were at the beach of course 🙂

During the week we did typical camp games but there were a couple of very special moments. One of those moments was when a young girl put her faith in Christ. This is obviously the whole reason we do these type of things.The second was when one of the boys wanted to be baptized in the ocean. It was a great honor to be able to do that!

Even though the remnants of a hurricane blew through on our last full day, everyone still had an awesome time to remember. At the end of the camp, my challenge to the students were to be the ones who would be willing to be the real deal at home and school this year. All of them took the challenge and I am excited to see how that is lived out this year for them back home. Keep Unity Baptist Church in your prayers as they Dive Into all that God has awaiting them!

Watch a short video here from our awesome week of camp!

October Devotional Guide: Light & Darkness Wk.1

Light and Darkness

Download this new week of devotionals below: Light & Darkness. This month we will study through Light and Darkness and some of what God, Jesus and others have to say about each. Hopefully, you will be enlightened and challenged as God brings you from darkness into His marvelous Light.

Read Matthew 5:14-16:

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


Day 1 Who is writing this verse? Who is saying this verse? To whom is it being said? Why would Jesus say something like this during this time? What doe you think is the overall meaning of this verse? What or how does that affect you as you move into a new month? Do you have a sense of challenge or hear God saying anything in particular about what He wants to teach you this month?

Day 2 Is the word “You” singular or plural? Does it change the concept or idea if it’s one way or another? What about the word “town”? How does your understanding of that word or “city” affect you as you consider what Jesus is saying about His message being shared?

Day 3 Where does a light belong? How is it meant to be used? What is the purpose? When you consider these answers, think about how it translates into your witness and worship of Christ in the world. Anything that stands out in your mind?

Day 4 When you think about light that Jesus and the people he was talking to, how important was light for them? Does it change the meaning or significance for us when we have so much light accessible? Do you ever think about light…when? How does that affect you?

Day 5  Why do you think Jesus calls His people Light? In Genesis 1, what does God create first? Do you think this has any correlation? How significant is “light” in the Bible?

Day 6 The verse above says our light is demonstrated how? Is it possible for our light to be diminished? In what ways does your light get covered or lessened? What can you do about that?

Day 7 Look at all the ways light affects you today. Consider the light outside, inside, natural and incandescent. See how it makes you feel, look, or even act. Would you say Light is powerful in its affects? How can you learn from this observation of how God has uses light in your life?

Download the pdf here: Light Darkness

What’s Important To You?

what's important?

Read James 4:14

It’s funny how we all complain how there’s never enough time…but if we were honest, we all make time for what’s really important to us. We waste more time than we think we do and we use time for many things that have no return on the investment. This week, why not watch your time and see ho much of it goes toward things that are not really that important to you, or things that won’t matter to you a few weeks from now. You only get a certain amount of time. Use it well for the things that really matter. It’s one thing you won’t ever regret.

Summer Student Shares

DSC_0003 2This summer, Vision 2 Hear was able to share in many mission trips, taking several students and adults out of the country for the very first time. Cole Yates is one of those students.
Serving on the NC WAVE team for a few years now, Cole, a Junior at West Carteret High School, took his mission trip to El Salvador for 9 days and then served another week in Miami, FL with Vision 2 Hear. Having worked hard to generate funds, prepare his signs for music, he demonstrated a great work ethic and resilience in the heat. From carrying dirt that had been dug for a retaining wall to connecting well with the nationals, Cole proved he was on the trip for all the right reasons. The photo below is from a homework assignment that he will share at school tomorrow. We’re very proud of Cole and all those who served with us this summer! Pray for him as he continues to demonstrate what it means to live as #ONESENT