Jesus knows

When you wonder if God knows you among the sea of faces…He does. He knows exactly where you are. He doesn’t have to use an app or a map to locate you; Google Earth has nothing on God! So today be encouraged that that there’s a God who knows exactly where you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. He is with you as you travel this road even though you’ve never been down it before. Listen for His careful direction. Because He knows where you are He also knows how to get you home. #onyourway #jesusknows #v2h #vision2hear #lifecoach #mentor #discipleship

Prayer and Faith

Prayer is not our chance to try to manipulate God. It is in fact a time for us to express faith and obedience. As God speaks and leads through His Spirit and Word, we will begin to see the evidence of things unseen. But there are times when our prayers will not be answered as we would like this forcing me to trust God all-the-more that He has my best interest and His glory at stake. Romans 8:28 #bible #faith #v2h

Interested in missions for the summer?

We are having an interest meeting for a mission trip to El Salvador on Sunday at New Vision Church. The estimated cost for this trip is $1400. The trip is scheduled for June 17-27, 2019.

We are exploring several different ministry opportunities in El Salvador this summer. From using our sign language music and ministry team to a possible soccer camp or other camp, we are open to doing a few new and different things in El Salvador this year. If you have interest in being part of this team and trip but cannot attend this meeting, please reach out to me at