Thoughts For Today #12

Jesus Christ is always unyielding to my (7)

Jesus Christ is always unyielding to my (8)


Africa 2014 Primary School Building

One of the projects we were able to see substantial progress with was the primary school. for over a year, the students have been meeting in the Bible College. Now, they can meet in their own buildings. With close to 100 students, WorldCare International School has started meeting in the freshly painted rooms and now all the floors are concrete. This last trip proved to be very productive in preparing the school into the future.

Africa 2014 Health Clinic Pics

This year, one of the projects we were able to start was the foundation for a health clinic in Ututu. In the pics you will see members from an Assemblies of God church, which has donated considerable funds toward to the project. Working alongside WorldCare Ministries, Vision 2 Hear was able to assist in helping dig, mix and lay the foundation. We are looking forward to this project being completed in the near future and being able to host visiting doctors to offer healthcare to Ututu for free.

Africa 2014 Building Pics

George just returned from Ututu, Nigeria. Here are some pics of the work project. More pics coming soon of other things that transpired over the 12 days.

Nigeria Work Continues

I just received this note from Festus, a student that we have suported for several years by paying his school fees. He will finish up his college education within the next year. We are so very proud of him. Continue to keep him in your prayers. Here is his note to me:

Hello sir,

l want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. How are you doing? Yes, l believe you are doing great! l myself l  am doing fine as well.

 l was in the village during my vacation in Nov. This is exactly one week l returned from the village. Then l joined in doing some work in the site with brother Peter Moses` younger brother. He didn’t tell me when his brother will arrive the village but l just learned that Rev.Moses and his team are in the village now. However, l will not be able to travel to the village again because the work l did there caused sickness to me which l am just recovering from.

 Remember me in your prayers and other things especially to do Christmas for me.

Once again, happy Xmas and may God bless you and your family.



Please continue to pray for Moses and the team that are currently back in Ututu. They are working diligently on the Bible School and building the dormitories. For many years now, Vision 2 Hear and WorldCare have partnered in this endeavor to serve the people of Ututu, not only in this way but through digging water wells, providing clothing and medicine and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The building continues and so does our relationship with Ututu and many of their people. Pray for Festus, Prince, Lucky, Rosemary, Bridgett, Okafor, Aboy, Eke, and all the others in that area. Thanks.

If you would like to send any financial gift toward the building, the education of any of the students or to provide other humanitarian relief, you can do so by making a donation at using the email address of

All gifts are tax-deductible and go to Vision 2 Hear ministries, a non-profit seeking to creatively communicating Christ. Check out for more information.

Here is a video link for some of the work we have been involved with over the years: