V2H Update February 1, 2016


AWAKEN 2016 LOGO FINALHello Everyone,

It was a busy but great weekend! Thanks for your prayers concerning me and all the travel and events unfolding over the last couple of days.

Conference In Miami

On Thursday I flew to Ft. Lauderdale to get into town a little early for the Becoming a Woman of Influence conference. Many have wondered what was I doing at a conference like this. Here’s why I was there; I was invited.

woman_influence_facebookA friend of mine os a pastor at New City Church in Miami, Fl. His kids attend Christ Fellowship Academy and they have all seen me perform many times at their school for Spiritual Emphasis Week. So when Joe, the pastor/dad/my friend saw me perform several months ago, he asked me if I would come and be part of the event. Because of my “deal” with God, I don’t turn down any event where the door has been opened and I have an invitation, especially from a friend. So that’s how it came together. I was honored to be the only “male” guest speaker at the event.

2016-01-30 09.04.57-1There were about 100 attending this conference from several churches in Miami. It was hosted at the Sheraton at the Miami International Airport and let me say what a great time I had being there! New City Church and the team who put this together did an exceptional job of not only maximizing the venue space but caring for me as a guest/speaker and providing what I feel was also a great lineup of other guest speakers for the ladies to learn from and be encouraged by in their growth of influence.

I was at the conference to share a few songs and then some words about how God has influenced my life and brought me to where I am today. My songlist included the Lawnmower Dance, Shark Song, Awake, No One Like You, Watch The Lamb and Jesus Paid It All. God removed my apprehensions and gave me peace as I shared and it really went well. There was a great sense of community and I didn’t feel out of place, which was nice given it was geared for “women”, which goes to show that when we do whatever we do for the glory of God, He will bless it and use it.2016-01-31 19.31.01

Thanks to my friend Pastor Joe Mira and all those at New City Church for investing in the lives of the women of Miami. You guys did an outstanding job this weekend and were a blessing to all of us involved…even us “guys”. Also a special shoutout to my good friend Mike Liebler who was driving me around over the last few days and making sure I made my appointments. And the Gallos who hosted us during my stay.

Wedding In Atlanta

When I agreed to do the conference for Joe in Miami, I failed to remember and check my multiple calendars. This caused a little scheduling conflict as Henry Bruce had notified me of his upcoming wedding on the same day. When I realized this, I called Joe and thankfully he was able to arrange the schedule so I could get a ticket back to GA without having to miss Henry’s wedding, which I certainly didn’t want to happen.

With God’s hand at work, I was able to make it see another one of my “children” get married on Saturday evening. This was not without its challenges however. When I got to the check-in kiosk, I couldn’t seem to do so. After numerous attempts, I went ahead and stood in line to speak to real person.

After waiting in the que for about 10 minutes, the lady informed me that the flight had already closed and that was why I couldn’t check in. She told me that they want people like me there an hour ahead of time and I had gotten to her 45 minutes ahead of time. Really? Ugh. So now we were having to look at rebooking me etc.

She put me on the list for the next flight but told me to go to the gate for the flight I was originally booked on and see if I could make it. So I did with haste. As life would have it, my terminal and gate were on the far side of the airport, requiring me to have extreme patience in the TSA line and on the SkyTrain as I made my way to D-60!

Once I got there they were still boarding the flight so I jumped in line. The ticket I gave the lady was not for that flight, which I knew and I explained to her what happened. Then she passed me off to another guy who looked up some information and told me that I never had a “seat” confirmed on that flight. Really? Wow!

Now he tells me that I have a confirmed seat on second flight but I was put on the standby list for the first one. So I sat and waited and had to trust God to get me on the flight. And He did. Within a few moments, they called my name and another woman, who ended up sitting right next to me to take the last two seats on that flight. Praise God!

2016-01-30 16.21.11-1So that’s how it worked out. I made it back to celebrate with Henry and Lauren as they joined together in God in holy matrimony. It was a wonderful wedding and a joy to be there with them in this life-changing event.

Henry was one of my students in youth group at Bethany Baptist Church many years ago. He was also part of our sign WAVE team there and at The Point. Henry traveled with me on a few mission trips including one to Florida for George Camp. He’s always been a faithful friend to me and the ministry and always served well regardless of his role. He loves to sing and has made it known on various trips like the ski trip to Winterplace ūüôā You can watch that video here:

Henry has a passion for life and a passion for God. But He also has a passion for the love of his life, Lauren and I am so happy for the both of them as they embark on this journey together! Henry has gone on to learn sign as an interpreter and works at a local school in GA with the deaf. What a great circle to the investment of Vision 2 Hear. I am grateful for what God has done!

henry wedding group shotIt was also awesome to catch up with these fine folks at the wedding reception. Some of them I have not seen in years, while others I recently saw at Krista and Carey’s wedding a couple of months ago. I have resigned myself to the truth that now I will see most of these people at such events as weddings as they have all grown up. Where has the time gone? It was great to see you all and I love and miss you guys. Thanks for being such a blessing to me and part of the V2H family! It’s people like you and all the others who have made my life so special.

Preaching At Church

The weekend concluded with me preaching at my church in Fayetteville. With my pastor recently resigning, the church had asked for me to cover a few Sundays as they put together a search committee etc. So this weekend I launched a 3 week series called Awakenings.

AwakeningsWith no surprise to those who have been part of my ministry, we had many technical issues leading right up to the beginning of the service. From trying to understand why the screen color was “pink tinted”, ¬†to trying to hook up my “Mac” to run from the back, to getting the signals set for a scenario for me to run it from the front, to transferring 50 slides to another computer so someone else could run it, everything finally came together with about 5 minutes to begin. But it came together, at the last moment, right on time, which seems to have been the case for all things concerning this weekend.

God moved in the service and removed my apprehensions of speaking; and for that I am always grateful!

In Other News

Angela is back from El Salvador and I am waiting for her to send me a little note about her experience. Once I get it, I’ll send it out so you can hear about how this trip shaped her life.

Awakening IndiaAlso, I’ll be making a definitive decision about India this week. As you may know I am supposed to head out on Feb. 16 but I have not generated enough support yet for the airfare. So will see. This may be God saying wait. So I’m praying over the next day or so to see what all happens. Of course, they would like for me to be there but I also have many irons in the fire here to take care of and deal with. So please pray God’s will be done. I’m willing to go or stay…whatever I need to do.

If you’d like to give toward this trip, or any other mission project, you can do so at vision2hear.com or just follow this link: paypal

Thanks so much! Catch up with you next week.


2016-02-01 08.52.19

September News And Updates

Septmeber News and Updates header

It’s the end of another month, so here’s the latest with Vision 2 Hear and how God has been working.

2014-09-19 11.20.24

September was a busy month with me and Trevor spending two weeks in the Miami, Fl area. If you follow the blog then you already know how full those weeks were for us. Let me just highlight a couple of things for those who may not have caught the entries.

2014-09-19 10.54.00During our time in Florida, we performed a total of 14 times in 7 different locations: Christ Fellowship Academy, Miami Christian School, Kings Christian School, Princeton Academy, KIX, Branches, and Bluewater Fellowship. In all, we were able to encourage and challenge over 700 people throughout those performances. At one of the performances  at Miami Christian, we saw at least 20 make public professions of their faith in Christ! God worked in some really cool ways during the time in Miami and we give Him praise for all that was accomplished.

Not only were there many performances but we were able to bring back a lot of supplies  for our upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua and El Salvador. Because of the giving and loving hearts of students, parents and staff of Christ Fellowship Academy, bags and bags of toiletries and personal care items were given to us to bring as tokens of love for the people of Nicaragua. Trevor and I will be traveling down on October 18 along with a few members of my church and deliver these items to people of Padre Ramos and a local orphanage nearby. Thanks Christ Fellowship Academy!

Since coming back to Georgia, I have had a little bit of a rough time some personal health issues. Nothing major but it has certainly slowed me down some. I haven’t felt 100%. Of course after the hard schedule we had in FL, I also needed some recovery time from that, being that I am getting older now…nonetheless, God has been very good to me and I’m feeling somewhat better now. Just keep praying for my sinus issues and tooth problems that I will have worked on while in El Salvador.

NICARAGUA2In September, we also started raising funds for these upcoming trips and saw God bless in awesome ways. The need to generate $3000 for Nicaragua, El Salvador and India was a daunting task. God has blessed with some gifts from friends online and another has promised to give a substantial amount for covering airfare costs to India. Although we have enough in the general account to cover Trevor and I raveling to Central America in a couple weeks, it would be wonderful if we didn’t have to touch those funds. So, I am still asking people to consider giving toward the mission projects. As of now I about halfway there with specified mission funds. This means we need to still raise about $1500 more over the course of the next two weeks. Anything you give will help us meet our goals. For more about the trip, watch this video: Mission Trips. Thanks for your consideration! To make a tax-deductible gift, please visit: Donate Vision 2 Hear

Korea Trip HeaderSpeaking of mission trips, I spoke to the Korean Pastor from NC yesterday and we are almost certain of a trip to South Korea happening next July! It would be a two week trip consisting of performances, teaching and sight-seeing. If you think you are remotely interested, keep the middle to end of July open for the trip. Space will be limited and estimated cost would be close to $3000 for everything. More info to come as the time draws closer.

rebuildI am spending the greater part of this week trying to finalize details with our WAVE Conference which happens October 3-5 at New Vision Church. I have some work to do on the Bible Study and new songs for the conference. So I certainly need your prayers for that!

Let me wrap it up by saying how blessed I have been in September by all God has done. I am truly thankful for the time spent in Miami, our dear friends The Gallos, who are such gracious hosts, for the hard work our new intern Trevor Jenkins does in helping keep the videos and music running (along with a host of other things he does), for the WAVE Team leaders in Fayetteville (Markie Love) Loganville (Eric and Jessica Drobny) and Hixson (Terry Davis), for Mike Liebler and The Youth Culture Report, for the way my church supports me in allowing me to be gone and travel so much, for the friendships I have developed in Miami and various stops along the way, for the gifts that have been given to get us to other countries and the gifts we will be taking with us to bless, for the finances, safety, and vehicle I have that handles so many unending miles! The list could go on and on of all I have to be thankful for and as I take this last day of the month to reflect, I certainly want to thank God for you. Thanks for reading, praying and supporting me and the ministry of Vision 2 Hear!









Miami Update Final




2014-09-19 11.20.24

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have gone already! The time in Miami really was a great time! In fact, I feel like we not only enjoyed ourselves very well but we were able to see God move in some very definite ways.

The time at Miami Christian ended well with us performing several songs for the middle and high school students. Many of the students were not familiar with our songs at the beginning of the week but by the end, some were not only asking for the songs but singing right along in worship!

Wrapping up the series of talks, I challenged the students to give all the pieces of their lives to God, who is more than able to put us back together again but also use us in our brokenness. Many students seemed moved from the week and there was a lot of good feedback from the staff. We are grateful for our time at Miami Christian and for how God allowed us to be part of changing lives there.

2014-09-19 10.54.00 2014-09-19 11.03.17 2014-09-19 10.52.13

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us as we ministered over the last two weeks! In all, we had 14 performances: 5 at Christ Fellowship, 5 at Miami Christian, 1 at Branches, 1 at KIX, 1 at Bluewater and 1 at King’s Christian. I haven’t been this tired in a long time…but it was definitely worth it! I’d like to say a special thanks to CFA for all the supplies they generated for us to take to Nicaragua and for the Gallos being such gracious and generous hosts for me and Trevor during our stay.

Over the next couple of weeks I have a lot of other things to take care of as I prepare for the WAVE conference and get ready for the upcoming trip to El Salvador/ Nicaragua and India. Please be in prayer for those of us traveling to these places and for the finances that still need to be raised. Currently I still need to generate about $2000 more. Thanks so much!!



Miami Update 2

The last few days have been very busy for us! We ended up reconnecting with some old friends of ours at the end of last week. A couple of years ago, I spoke at a camp for some folks involved in the South Florida Ministries Association called Oasis. In fact, I’ve spoken for them 4 times: and it’s been a great time each time!

After a couple of Facebook messages, I was able to schedule a time to meet up with Kim from Branches and Stacey from KIX. We did a few songs for each group and reconnected with some old faces from our past. It was very exciting because KIX is now in a brand new building and Branches UMC is almost completed with their rebuilt church that had been burned severely 4 years ago. We are very excited for the way God has blessed and been growing their ministries!

2014-09-12 17.38.55

2014-09-12 17.24.21


On Sunday we attended Calvary Chapel Kendall and enjoyed a great service of worship and preaching. Around 2:30pm we left for the Keys and Bluewater Church. My good friend Phil Underwood is the pastor at Bluewater and this was our second visit to Bluewater. There were about 30 attending the evening. It was great to see Phil and Sherry and to be a part of their worship service once again! 1466036_10152407706247075_2150518907526687893_n



On Monday we started Spiritual Emphasis at Miami Christian School, where Mr. Woody Gentry is the principal. Woody’s¬†a great guy and been a long time friend of mine and V2H and has had me at the school many times over the years. Things worked out well with the timing this year to have me back and I am thankful for that.

As we caught up on things before the first chapel, Woody informed me that as much as 40%-45% of the middle school/high school students were new with little to no “Christian” background. They had only had a couple of chapels so far this school year so this would be a very new thing for some of them. But I was up for the challenge!

Each chapel consists of singing, Trevor and I performing and then I share some scripture and lesson. Over the last two days, they have adjusted well to the signing and are enjoying it as worship. The messages seem to be connecting and they are listening well especially for having to sit on bleachers for that long!

In just these 2 days, I have noticed God working and I am very excited to see how things are going to end on Friday. Please be in prayer as I will share the gospel in tomorrow’s chapel at around 9:45am-10:35am. I am praying that there will be many souls added to the Kingdom of God.

2014-09-16 09.05.17


We also got to schedule a surprise visit back to King’s Christian School today. It was great to be back there and lead a special chapel for those kids.


Needless to say, Trevor and I are both tired as we have been performing like crazy. Our arms, legs and feet are taking a beating. Our plan is to drive back to Atlanta area on Friday after the final chapel. I’ll update you again soon! Please be in prayer for tomorrow’s chapel especially and also for our upcoming Nicaragua/El Salvador Trip! I need to raise about $3000 between now and middle of October!



Miami: First couple of days

2014-09-08 08.13.13-2

It’s Tuesday and what a first couple of days!

We arrived Sunday night and got settled into our place of residence for the next couple of weeks: The Gallos. For years now, The Gallos have provided tons of food for innumerable people, housing and real loving friendship and service for me and my travel companions. Whether they were interns, volunteers, or kids, The Gallo house has been a place of refuge and a home-away-from-home for so many. Those of you who have been here before can attest to that fact! It’s a little different this time, though; Amelia is not here. Last May, Amelia graduated and recently moved into her dorm at The University of Central Florida.

But we still have many faces here in Miami that we know and recognize. One of the cool things that has been happening is one of our “older” V2Her’s Vicki Jimenez has been employed by Christ Fellowship to work with their students in an after school program to teach them some sign language. Vicki has been working with them for a couple weeks to prepare them for our arrival. They have joined us on stage the last couple of days signing songs like Light Up The Sky and Superhero.


Me outside of the Nazarene Church, which is where Princeton Christian has their chapel services

After running into several people I haven’t seen in a while, I got an email from another friend, Pam Armstrong, principal at Princeton Christian School. She was able to arrange for us to be in their chapel service today. This was another great opportunity! We shared for about 45 minutes with close to 100 students before closing out the time.

During the week, the theme is Jesus is our Light. We are sharing many songs that communicate that theme and message. We are also using a few other songs that are classics for the students like Lawnmower and Ignition. They are all having a blast!

Kids preparing a song for chapel at Christ Fellowship

Kids preparing a song for chapel at Christ Fellowship

With the talks all being about Light, I am using objects like flashlights, light bulbs, glow sticks and such to communicate the message in ways that the kids can connect and easily understand. Please keep them in your prayers as the week continues on. Of course, our desire is that they all come to a better understanding of Jesus being their only Source of Light and that they move closer to Him throughout the week. Tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day, so please pray that as we share it will speak to all the people attending.

2014-09-08 19.31.12

Sunset yesterday. It’s great to be here!













2014-09-07 20.26.58


Trevor and I drove to Miami today. We left GA about 8:30am this morning and got here about 8:30pm. We made several stops along the way for gas, food and outlet malls, haha. We are really looking forward to the next couple of weeks in FL and visiting with some of our favorite people at Christ Fellowship starting tomorrow.

2014-09-07 20.27.39

We will be sharing and performing there all week each morning around 8am-9:20am. So if you have time and want to drop in for a visit during chapel or check out what it is that we do, we’d love to see you. Also, we want to invite any of you who do visit or attend the chapels to take some pics and post them using #v2hlight, #v2hmiami or #cfalight

Speaking of light, tonight there was a full moon, so I tried to grab a shot. This was the best I could get with my phone while at CF.

2014-09-07 20.30.03

After this week, we will meet up with some of our other favorite people at King’s Christian and Miami Christian. We will post more about that week as it approaches. During our trip and time here we will also perform at Bluewater In The Keys, with our good friend Phil Underwood. Needless to say, we will be extremely busy while in Miami. Please keep us in your prayers as we have the chance to share with a few hundred kids over the next two weeks and hopefully see them move into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ.

More updates as the week rolls on!

George ProfileGeorge Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as the mission/creative arts pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

Morph Pics Miami

Photos Courtesy of  Maria Duran


Miami Week: March 2013

I spent last week in Miami, ministering in several chapels in various locations. It was a great time seeing some of the old schools again and being able to be part of God’s work in the Miami area.

Aaron and Donovan Upton and myself were at Dade Christian School twice, Highlands Christian School in Deerfield Beach, and Cutler Ridge Christian School sharing music and a message. God allowed us to share His message of love, faith and Easter with about 1500 kids throughout the week.

Then on Friday we left for Lake Placid, FL to be part of a middle school retreat called Morph. There were 160 attending the camp where I was able to speak to them about God’s Party and how He’s invited us to join Him. Several made significant life-altering decisions. It was a wonderful celebration!

Thanks for praying for us last week!

Vision 2 Hear Kendall Presbyterian Church


This week I’m in Miami. I was able to perform at Kendall Presbyterian Church. For years, Mike Liebler has been trying to work the schedule so that I could make it to his church for a performance and it finally worked out! Here’s a link for the song I performed in the morning service: Watch The Lamb.

After performing, I went with the children’s ministry, which is also run by a dear friend Gail Knight. During that time, I talked with the kids about sign language, mission work in Africa and how Christ is our Living Water. It was a great time of worship!