6 Ways To Break (From) Your Cell Phone(Or Other Devices)

break phone

We are all attached, aren’t we? Let’s be honest, there are times when the phone/tablet dominates who we are and all of our time regardless of where we are or the people we are with. From buzzes and dings to ringtones and alerts, the never ending wonder/fascination/addiction to technology consumes much of our thoughts and lives. May I offer 6 ways to break from your phone to keep your sanity and be present with the physical world?

1.Pay full attention to the present people. When real people are present ready to engage in conversation, silence your phone. Give the phone a break when you have the chance to talk to people face-to-face and engage in meaningful expression. Turn it upside-down so you are not distracted by the screen lighting up.

2. Pay full attention to meals and company. When it’s meal time, leave the phone somewhere away from the table. Don’t trade a status update for a real date in front of you. Enjoy the time you have around the table catching up on events of the day and life happenings in real time with those in your family and circle of influence.

3. Get a full night’s sleep. Turn off your phone. Use a regular alarm clock. Studies have shown how sleeping habits have changed in students because of their incessant phone use. Students on average lose about 45 minutes a night because of their cell phone use. Sleep is vitally important for performing well in school, jobs or life. And I can almost promise that if you turn off your phone at least once a day, it will last longer too.

4. Full-proof a room. No-Tech Zone. Set up an area where no technology is allowed. When traveling or visiting people perhaps a time/space location that technology will not be allowed by anyone for any reason. Setting up a physical boundary is good to help combat the pervasive “wi-fi” signal.

5. Pay full attention to the road. No texting and driving. It’s the law in most places. Demonstrate restraint and respect for the law and life by waiting until you can text or use technology safely.

6. Take a full day off. No work. Sabbath. Most of us use technology and are engaged in some form of work almost all week long. God has given a standard of 6 days for work and one day for rest. Turn your phone off for one day and see how it affects you. A study was done of 82 students who agreed to give up their phones for 48 hours. Only 12 were able to make it the full amount of time!  God isn’t asking for two days…just one!

Hope this helps you become more engaged and attuned to your own soul and if nothing else, from really breaking your phone from overuse! Please submit any thoughts or comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as the Creative Arts and Mission Pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

Soundtrack For Life: Pause:Psalm 23

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is one of the most loved and most quoted Psalms of all time. Even though many may know it by heart, a closer look reveals there is much to learn about pausing and resting. With the holiday season upon us finding time to rest and pause could be a much needed practice. With the shopping, hustle and bustle consider:

“The Lord is my Shepherd.”

The Lord is my Guide and Leader. It is important for me to pay attention to how He wants me to use my time and resources this holiday season. There will be many demands on schedules, parties to attend and people to visit. It is vitally essential to listen for the Lord’s voice and do as He says. Am I feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or stressed? Do I need to stop for awhile and reschedule an event(s)? Do I need to create more space for Jesus? Who is in control of your time, money, and life? Pause and reflect.

“I shall not want.”

What is making me want this holiday season? Am I more of a consumer or contributor?
Has Jesus become my sufficiency? If the Lord is my Shepherd, do I really want Him? Do I come to Him to get things from Him or because I love Him? Pause and search your heart.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

Has Jesus lead me to a place of rest or a place of refreshment or a place of restoration? I should not neglect the place where the Lord has lead me. I should enjoy His presence and provision. Am I fighting His rest, His refreshment, His restoration for my soul? Pause and search your heart?

“Through the valley…for You are with me.”

Life is full of ups and downs. In either place it can be easy to forget Jesus is with us. In our pride on the mountains and in our grief in the valleys, we can lose sight of Christ. Have I lost sight of Christ in my surroundings and situations? Pause and search your heart.

“Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

The discipline of the Lord is gracious and full of love. How has God been showing me discipline or correction lately? Pause and search your heart.

“In the presence of my enemies.”

God vindicates and establishes His work and His people. God does not need another’s approval to do as He pleases. God sets up and God takes down. Has God been establishing things in places that seem strange? Has God been doing things that feel out of place? Pause and give thanks for the sustaining power of God!

“My cup overflows.”

The goodness of God, His blessings, and His kindness often come without asking. God does so many things I never asked for and gives them freely because He’s a good God and Father! How has God been good to me lately? Pause and simply give thanks!

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me…”

What is coming behind me? If I have received a blessing I should be a blessing. The extent that I really understand how good God has bee to me is displayed in how I really treat others. Pause and look back at your last conversation, interaction, etc and see what you have left behind. Is it hope, peace, kindness or anger, hurt, discouragement? Pause and search your past and your path.

“I will dwell in the house of the Lord.”

The only reason I will dwell in the house of the Lord is because the Lord dwells in me, this earthly house. Pause and give thanks for the Lord taking up residence in you.