September News And Updates

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It’s the end of another month, so here’s the latest with Vision 2 Hear and how God has been working.

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September was a busy month with me and Trevor spending two weeks in the Miami, Fl area. If you follow the blog then you already know how full those weeks were for us. Let me just highlight a couple of things for those who may not have caught the entries.

2014-09-19 10.54.00During our time in Florida, we performed a total of 14 times in 7 different locations: Christ Fellowship Academy, Miami Christian School, Kings Christian School, Princeton Academy, KIX, Branches, and Bluewater Fellowship. In all, we were able to encourage and challenge over 700 people throughout those performances. At one of the performances  at Miami Christian, we saw at least 20 make public professions of their faith in Christ! God worked in some really cool ways during the time in Miami and we give Him praise for all that was accomplished.

Not only were there many performances but we were able to bring back a lot of supplies  for our upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua and El Salvador. Because of the giving and loving hearts of students, parents and staff of Christ Fellowship Academy, bags and bags of toiletries and personal care items were given to us to bring as tokens of love for the people of Nicaragua. Trevor and I will be traveling down on October 18 along with a few members of my church and deliver these items to people of Padre Ramos and a local orphanage nearby. Thanks Christ Fellowship Academy!

Since coming back to Georgia, I have had a little bit of a rough time some personal health issues. Nothing major but it has certainly slowed me down some. I haven’t felt 100%. Of course after the hard schedule we had in FL, I also needed some recovery time from that, being that I am getting older now…nonetheless, God has been very good to me and I’m feeling somewhat better now. Just keep praying for my sinus issues and tooth problems that I will have worked on while in El Salvador.

NICARAGUA2In September, we also started raising funds for these upcoming trips and saw God bless in awesome ways. The need to generate $3000 for Nicaragua, El Salvador and India was a daunting task. God has blessed with some gifts from friends online and another has promised to give a substantial amount for covering airfare costs to India. Although we have enough in the general account to cover Trevor and I raveling to Central America in a couple weeks, it would be wonderful if we didn’t have to touch those funds. So, I am still asking people to consider giving toward the mission projects. As of now I about halfway there with specified mission funds. This means we need to still raise about $1500 more over the course of the next two weeks. Anything you give will help us meet our goals. For more about the trip, watch this video: Mission Trips. Thanks for your consideration! To make a tax-deductible gift, please visit: Donate Vision 2 Hear

Korea Trip HeaderSpeaking of mission trips, I spoke to the Korean Pastor from NC yesterday and we are almost certain of a trip to South Korea happening next July! It would be a two week trip consisting of performances, teaching and sight-seeing. If you think you are remotely interested, keep the middle to end of July open for the trip. Space will be limited and estimated cost would be close to $3000 for everything. More info to come as the time draws closer.

rebuildI am spending the greater part of this week trying to finalize details with our WAVE Conference which happens October 3-5 at New Vision Church. I have some work to do on the Bible Study and new songs for the conference. So I certainly need your prayers for that!

Let me wrap it up by saying how blessed I have been in September by all God has done. I am truly thankful for the time spent in Miami, our dear friends The Gallos, who are such gracious hosts, for the hard work our new intern Trevor Jenkins does in helping keep the videos and music running (along with a host of other things he does), for the WAVE Team leaders in Fayetteville (Markie Love) Loganville (Eric and Jessica Drobny) and Hixson (Terry Davis), for Mike Liebler and The Youth Culture Report, for the way my church supports me in allowing me to be gone and travel so much, for the friendships I have developed in Miami and various stops along the way, for the gifts that have been given to get us to other countries and the gifts we will be taking with us to bless, for the finances, safety, and vehicle I have that handles so many unending miles! The list could go on and on of all I have to be thankful for and as I take this last day of the month to reflect, I certainly want to thank God for you. Thanks for reading, praying and supporting me and the ministry of Vision 2 Hear!