Korea VBS Day 1

Several children and students from the area attended the VBS English Camp we held yesterday. Along with games they did some praise and worship along with a message, presented in Korean. They made a passport and filled in their information then went through some different stations where they learned about American culture and practiced English sentences and vocabulary based on those stations: Hotel, Airport, Restaurant and Shopping.

Korea: 2015

We have been at the Pilgrim International Christian School all week, working with students who are learning English. We have been able to teach them several songs in signed English and help with chapels and recreation. 12 will graduate from school on Saturday, when they will also perform two songs for the graduation ceremony: One Thing Remains and Lay Me Down. Here are a few pics from the week so far.

Nicaragua Mother’s Day Event

The Mother’s Day event for Padre Ramos was a huge blessing this year. With over 150 moms attending and about the 100 children, the camp was packed with people on this day. We served hot dogs, played games and honored the moms in the crowd. A few ladies from the team shared inspiring words and challenges to encourage them to continue striving at being godly women and influencing their families for Christ. Here are a few pics from that day.

Project One:27 Day 1

We arrived at Burning Bush Baptist Church this afternoon close to 5pm. The service had already begun before we arrived but we had plenty of time to get settled and ready to do our part. I spoke for a few minutes about God having His reasons for each person being here this week. Then Noah and I shared a few songs in sign.

After wrapping up the service, we went to the Baptist association for a pool party and cookout. Everyone had a great time. Then the group had some cake and sang Happy Birthday for me. That was very thoughtful. We are looking forward a great week with all the students here and getting to know everyone. It’s exciting to be part of the ministry here that is reaching out into their community to serve and show Jesus!

Here are just a few shots from today.

India WAVE Conference Day 2