V2H February 22, 2016 Update






Over the last week, here are a few things things that have happened. Thanks for your continued prayer and support of Vision 2 Hear.

Valentine’s Day Everyday.

Vision 2 Hear El Salvador hosted a Valentine’s Day event in Suchitoto to celebrate love with the people of Nuevo Renacer. Complete with decorations, gifts and food, everyone enjoyed the festivities made possible by the love of Christ through His people. We are so happy to be able to partner with Vision 2 Hear El Salvador as they continue to demonstrate the love of Christ to those in the mountains of El Salvador. Here are a few pics of the heartwarming event.

The Movement Moves

TN MovementAs many of you know, The Movement, a church ministry of Vision 2 Hear, had been praying about securing land and a building to formally organize. Growing out of the storefront location over the last two years, The Movement had been packing about 60 people in the tiny space.
Through lots of prayer and “only God” moments and connections, 12717688_10207420691094249_8416725333321148262_nThe Movement was made aware of property of a church that was going to dissolve but wanted to give their church property (building and van) to another church in need. The Movement filed paperwork to become its own church and has now become an official “church” in Tennessee under the pastorate of our good friend Terry Davis. Vision 2 Hear and The Movement will still serve together in future ventures and we are excited to see all that God does now that they have launched with their own ministry. Continue to pray for The Movement and church as they make renovations and preparations to impact the Chattanooga area even more with the love of Christ! Congrats to everyone at The Movement and praise God for His faithfulness. If you are in the area and want to visit or join, come to 6739 Levi Road in Hixson, TN.

Awaken India

2016-02-19 07.32.44Right now I’m in India and it’s been a jam packed first week. I’m just now getting adjusted to the time change, which may have been a little easier had I not had a full 24 hours of no sleep due to a bug lodging itself in my inner ear! It’s fine now so no worries. Here’s a summary of the trip so far.
Leaving Atlanta at 3:15pm on Tuesday I traveled for about 29 hours to Hydrabad. With a stop in New Jersey and a little delay, the trip as a whole was what I expected. I even got some fairly decent sleep on the plane which is not usual for me.
I was warmly welcomed on Thursday morning about 6am by Pastor Rajendra and his wife and daughter at the airport and off we went for a 4 hour drive to Vijayawada. As we drove we spoke about upcoming events.
We stopped for some breakfast at a jammed packed rest stop complete with Baskin Robbins and Subway among other local fare. It was a welcome sight to get some food My stomach would recognize. I had a little subway sandwich and of course the others had some Indian cuisine.
After getting to the house and settling in the next few days played out with early 5am prayer meetings. We met for an hour of devotion and prayer and then took about an hour to exercise and get into shape. One of the things that is essential to me staying on top of my game is to make sure I push myself in the area of physical training regardless of where I am. It’s nice that Rajendra wants to join as well. So we have been having a daily boot camp of training.
After exercising and breakfast we then had meetings at 10am-1pm and took rest after lunch until the evening meetings from 7pm-9:30pm which really meant 10pm haha. This was the structure for Friday and Saturday. There were a good amount of people coming to the meetings. One very special lady attending the meetings had heard about them through the TV program Pastor Rajendra does daily and decided to travel 150km to be with us for the three days of meetings. Wow, what commitment!
DSC_0072The weekend ended with several meetings as is usual for Pastor Rajendra. We had a prayer meeting at 5am then church at 8am and 10:30am and then we had lunch. We departed at 3pm to make a church service by around 4. Pastor Rajendras brother spoke at one location and we went to another. We all came back to have the final celebration services which went from 7pm-10pm and then a huge feast afterward. The last service was packed with people literally sitting on the floor in the aisles.
It wasn’t long after the final service ended that I snapped a few pics of the people in the streets and then I went to bed. I was exhausted from the travel, exercise and no sleep the night before from the bug incident. I still don’t know what crawled into my ear but I had been asleep about an hour before being rudely awaken by hearing and feeling something deep inside my ear.
Immediately jumping up, I tried to extricate it with my  fingers, q-tip and of course just shaking my head. I eventually got the spray shower and blasted it into my ear hoping to drown whatever was there and expel it from the canal. This ordeal went on all night until everyone awoke for the prayer meeting and I got some ear drops to apply as a final resort. My ear seems to be fine, a little popping seems to happen when I swallow but I’m sure all will be fine in a day or so.
It’s Monday here now and I’ve had a nice long sleep. Aside from being a little sore from the workouts and travel, I’m doing well. This week we have the conference for two days which will involve all day sign sessions, along with some Bible studies. For the end of the week it will be a little more planning intensive as we meet and prepare for the summer. We will also discuss further the radio station and plans for launching that in the summer too.
The orphans are doing well and growing up quickly! It’s wonderful to see them happy and in good health. All the churches are doing well also and send their greetings. Thanks for your prayers and I’ll update you again next week.

Weekend Update

The Movement: 30-Hour Famine

The church founded under Vision 2 Hear which meets in Hixson, TN hosted their annual 30-Hour Famine this weekend. With close to 60 people participating in the fast and service event for the weekend, students and adults alike not only grew in their faith but shared love among the community.

The Movement began the fast on Friday and ended Saturday evening with a shared meal. Throughout the event, the group did various things ranging from playing games or sharing in experiential exercises  where members had various limitations in order to better understand how others live. They also did yard work for people in the community along with preparing meals and serving them for the homeless.

We are very excited about how God is using this church to be the Church in the community in and around Chattanooga, TN. God has really been growing The Movement over the last 2 years and we can’t wait to see what is next. Here are a few pics from their weekend. As more information comes in, we’ll update you with how much they were able to raise to help the poor around the world. Thanks to Terry and all those who shared in this wonderful event! A special shoutout to Mary Ann Blevins for all her pics below.



Giving Tuesday And More

giving tuesday small logo white
For the last few years, Vision 2 Hear has participated in #GivingTuesday, a day set aside to give back to the world. For more information about who or what Giving Tuesday is all about, check them out here:Giving Tuesday.
As part of their program, they have a couple of things we’d like to invite you to do.
1) Take a few moments to enter and vote here.  Your time efforts could really help us and help others.
2) Be part of the #Unselfie campaign using this pic template below or any other pic you like with the same hashtag #unselfie.
Here are a few examples you can use for inspiration.
2015-11-18 09.16.322015-11-18 09.16.482015-11-18 09.16.56
You can download this pic as a template and fill in your own blank.
Any donations made during #GivingTuesday toward Vision 2 Hear will go toward helping orphans in India in 2016. You can sponsor a child $50-a-month and make a huge difference! This covers their food, clothing, housing and schooling. We partner with S.A.C. Ministries. You can read more about their work here: SAC MINISTRIES or give to Vision2HearIndia, Giving Tuesday.

The Movement In Tennessee

TerryFor several years now, Vision 2 Hear has been reaching out as a church through The Movement in Hixson, TN. Terry Davis serves as the pastor of this church plant that meets in a small store-front building. Over the years Terry has faithfully poured himself into the church and more importantly its people. Terry still has a full-time job outside the church working with On Point, a local non-profit reaching into schools to impact students, yet he finds time to minister twice a week at The Movement. Continue to pray for them as they grow (now running close to 60 people on certain Sunday evenings) and begin looking for a new place to meet/gather as the space they are in now is not sufficient.

Also keep their upcoming events in your prayers:

30hour Famine

Thanksgiving Outreach For The Homeless

Christmas Concert WAVE Team

More El Salvador

You may have forgotten that we support a college student in El Salvador: Jose Aguilar…But I call him Daniel. I wanted to give you a quick update on how he is doing and what’s going on with him.

Over the last couple of years, we have been able to invest in Daniel, helping pay for his school fees because of generous donors. He has taken his classes and done very well. He’s gotten a great job and continued to grow in his faith and maturity. Here’s the big payoff: he’s investing in others!

Daniel has taken time faithfully over the last year and begun meeting with children in a poverty stricken area, teaching them english, along with the Bible and simply loving them to Jesus. He’s doing a fantastic job for the Lord and I simply wanted to commend him to you and to say thanks for your investment. He’s still got more school next year and we intend to help him once again. If you’d like to be part of this work and effort, simply make a donation at vision2hear.com and in a note let me know it’s for Daniel and the work he’s doing.jose 3

Thanks be to God who allows us to be part of His Kingdom work!




Nicaragua Mother’s Day Event

The Mother’s Day event for Padre Ramos was a huge blessing this year. With over 150 moms attending and about the 100 children, the camp was packed with people on this day. We served hot dogs, played games and honored the moms in the crowd. A few ladies from the team shared inspiring words and challenges to encourage them to continue striving at being godly women and influencing their families for Christ. Here are a few pics from that day.

Weekend Recap 3/18/14

V2H Weekend Recap

jan-niklas 2

Shortly after Jan-Niklas arrived, we thought we’d get a shot here with Mayor Reed welcoming him to the USA.

Well it has been a very busy weekend. As you may already know, our intern from Germany arrived after a very adventurous journey to America. You can read more about that here. After arriving last Friday, we had a fundraising event at our church. The event was to help with funds for the upcoming Nicaragua trip on June 15-21, 2014. We had a great turn out and raised over $400! This was a huge blessing toward the whole cost of our trip. Currently we have about 12 making plans to go from New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA.


Alex, Terry, Jan-Niklas and Brandy serving during our fundraising event at New Vision Church

On Saturday, we had a very intense sign practice as we are getting ready for the spring and summer months when we do quite a bit of performing and travel. I have gotten a little out of shape this winter and really needed to up the “workout” level for our team in Fayetteville so as to help myself mostly, lol. Unfortunately they have to suffer with me.

We had our church service on Saturday night and then again on Sunday at New Vision. After lunch Sunday, I took two of our student leaders and Jan-Niklas with me to Hixson, TN. Several years ago we launched a branch of our ministry in that area to serve in the Chattanooga area. In that time, we have had a vibrant skateboard ministry, Sign Language team and now a growing church plant. Terry Davis, pastor, missionary and friend, has been with Vision 2 Hear over 10years now. He’s currently working for the non-profit ministry called On Point during the day and then serves as pastor/missionary with Vision 2 Hear other times. He has been a very valuable asset to us and the kingdom work of the Lord.

The Movement, which is the church gathering there in Hixson has grown to about 40-50 meeting twice weekly. They serve in the local homeless shelter regularly and have been involved in many other community service projects. They too will be taking a team to Nicaragua this summer and have 12 currently signed up to attend the first week of June. At The Movement, I was able catch the WAVE team up on some current music we are working on and then I was able to speak for the church service that night.


From L-R: Me, Terry Davis, Tyler, Jan-Niklas, Trevor and Devin. We were playing disc golf on Signal Mountain, TN

Jan-Niklas and I are unpacking and repacking today getting things ready for the next few days in the Forest Park/Fayetteville area. Jan really seems to be enjoying his time and learning a lot of sign for performing. He will also be serving with our praise band at church and sharing his testimony and speaking from time-to-time. He’s got a great heart and mind to work and learn. I am sure he is going to grow a lot as well as add a lot to our ministry over the next few months. Please keep him in your prayers.

prince 2

Prince in Nigeria. He’s been suffering some serious back pain.

I also heard from Prince in Nigeria the other day. He has been having some severe back issues. He was hospitalized and had some kind of surgery. After the surgery he informed me of some other very serious things for him personally. He has some difficult decisions to make which may include leaving the village. Please be praying for Prince’s health, protection and God’s direction on where and what he should do.

Jorge Campos from El Salvador has also come to the USA and is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL right now. He arrived this weekend and is staying with friends there and then next week he will be visiting our friends in Port Orange at Christ The King Church where Scott Kirschner is the pastor. Jorge is here doing some fundraising and visiting before he heads to Iceland for three months to serve as a Spanish teach. He has friends who are missionaries there who are going to house him and give him the chance to teach and serve in a local school. Be praying for Jorge as he travels as a V2H missionary. Vision 2 Hear El Salvador has gotten their NGO status and Jorge is not only serving as a missionary with V2H but also the president of V2H ES! We are very excited about all that is going to happen as the ministry continues to flourish in El Salvador.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. More updates coming soon!