Nicaragua Mother’s Day Event

The Mother’s Day event for Padre Ramos was a huge blessing this year. With over 150 moms attending and about the 100 children, the camp was packed with people on this day. We served hot dogs, played games and honored the moms in the crowd. A few ladies from the team shared inspiring words and challenges to encourage them to continue striving at being godly women and influencing their families for Christ. Here are a few pics from that day.

Summer Plans: Overview

This is where I’ll be out of the country this summer. The first two weeks starts on Saturday with a trip to Nicaragua with a team of 23 and then by bus from Nicaragua to meet the team of 13 in Honduras for a week. The trip to South Korea begins June 22-July 9 with a team of 12 traveling to Kumi. The last out of country trip is to El Salvador on July 22-30 with a team of 7 to work in Suchitoto. The “off-weeks” I will be in Ringgold GA doing a work camp, performing and speaking: June 14-21 and then George Camp Miami will be August 3-7. So I will need lots of prayers!!!!! If you would like to donate toward these trip and projects, we still need support. Please donate





India Mission Trip

pastor rajendra

On November 29, George will be traveling with two others for their first trip to India. New Vision Church has long been involved in Vijayawada, India. In fact, a couple years ago, Pastor Yellamelli Rajendra, who began many missions in India visited the USA and traveled to Florida with George and Vision 2 Hear and New Vision.

india orphansAs we go, our work will include leading a few seminars for parents and teens as well as a few outreaches through the churches Pastor Rajendra has started. We will be working with some orphans, which Pastor Rajendra also houses through the ministry in Vijayawada. The time will be packed with many teaching, training, and church services over the week on the ground.

The group leaves Saturday November 29th around 3pm and will fly to Mumbai, stay the night and then take another flight to Vijayawada on the 30th. Over the last couple of years, New Vision church has been part of helping sponsor orphans and supplying funds to build a playground on the property. We are very excited to be able to visit there first hand and see the work Pastor Rajendra has accomplished for the Kingdom.

Thank you for your prayers as Vision 2 Hear continues to expand its reach around the world, taking WAVE ministry along with a powerful gospel message to make disciples of Jesus Christ. If you would like to give, please donate now here.

2014-09-07 20.26.58


Trevor and I drove to Miami today. We left GA about 8:30am this morning and got here about 8:30pm. We made several stops along the way for gas, food and outlet malls, haha. We are really looking forward to the next couple of weeks in FL and visiting with some of our favorite people at Christ Fellowship starting tomorrow.

2014-09-07 20.27.39

We will be sharing and performing there all week each morning around 8am-9:20am. So if you have time and want to drop in for a visit during chapel or check out what it is that we do, we’d love to see you. Also, we want to invite any of you who do visit or attend the chapels to take some pics and post them using #v2hlight, #v2hmiami or #cfalight

Speaking of light, tonight there was a full moon, so I tried to grab a shot. This was the best I could get with my phone while at CF.

2014-09-07 20.30.03

After this week, we will meet up with some of our other favorite people at King’s Christian and Miami Christian. We will post more about that week as it approaches. During our trip and time here we will also perform at Bluewater In The Keys, with our good friend Phil Underwood. Needless to say, we will be extremely busy while in Miami. Please keep us in your prayers as we have the chance to share with a few hundred kids over the next two weeks and hopefully see them move into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ.

More updates as the week rolls on!

George ProfileGeorge Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as the mission/creative arts pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

Father’s Day: Encouragement of Faith

Jan Schmidt is an intern with Vision 2 Hear. He has been with us since March and been doing a bang up job! Jan will soon join up with his mission team who is coming to America on July 16 and then they will all return to Germany by August 6.  We thought we’d get some insights from Jan’s Dad about parenting for some of our Father’s Day focus since Jan just graduated and this is his first trip overseas alone. We wondered what kind of things Jan’s dad thought through as he wrestled with letting his son make such a journey. Here’s what Jan’s dad wrote us:

Father’s Day – Encouragement Of Faith

“Two things shall children get from their parents: Roots and wings.”

This sentence was written down by the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the 19th century. Every father wants to be a good father to his children. I wanted to give my children essential things for their life:

Curiosity for the world and other cultures

Respect for other people

Faith who cares also through hard times

The question that I asked myself again and again: “How do I communicate this in a practical way?” I noticed that an essential answer (which never changed during all the last years) was: “I have to exemplify these things to my son through my own life.”

In his adolescence my son grew away from me. I’ve learned to accept him in his growth and his personality, and to endure his (own and other than my) arguments. I didn’t always succeed in overcoming all this difficulty.

As he grew up, I didn’t want this situation to continue so I learned to spend more time with him. We travelled (with an overnight stay), we went to the cinema and we talked together. We shared life.

I’ve learned from him; I also learned to set him free (I gave him “wings”), to make his own experiences, to realize his own dreams, to live his own life. For that purpose I encourage(d) and support(ed) him; with words, with my action – and with my prayers: because the success of  good fatherhood only comes from God Himself; the best father for us all.

God bless you, my son!

Portrait_Markus__1__pdf__1_page_Markus Schmidt (Jan’s Dad)


Police Superintendent

Journey To Ten Tall

Last Day in ES

I’ll be wrapping up my stay in Central America tomorrow morning. It’s been a great 3 weeks and we’ve done quite- a- bit in that time. I’ll hope to have a final update about ES in the coming days. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the glow night outreach which will take place about 7pm EST. This is a black light, glow stick, performance and gospel presentation. Please be prayerful about this for us all.
The WAVE Team has been working diligently preparing songs like Radiator, Light Up The Sky, This Little Light, among others, to witness to their friends for this event. A glow night has never been done here at the church before so this is a really neat opportunity!
As I will be returning to the states tomorrow afternoon, I will be hosting George Camp in Miami at Wayside Baptist Church next week. Please be in prayer for me with that also, as it’s the last major event for me for the summer. I have many things to evaluate and consider once the summer is “done”. Even though George Camp is the official end of summer events, I still have the V2H Reunion and another week back in Miami for Christ Fellowship’s Spiritual Emphasis week before I will get some vacation and time to evaluate. Really, “summer” continues on until about the 3rd week of August, haha.
More to come…

ES Trip Update 1

There are two of us making the mission trip to El Salvador this year. Stacey Doremus, Children’s pastor of Stockbridge United Methodist Church is joining me on this endeavor to ES. She will be there for 7 days and then I’ll continue on in ES and Nicaragua until the 27th.

So far the trip has been par for the course. We arrived without much issue early this morning. We planned to arrive at 7 or so but made it about 7:45am. I tried to check in through the kiosk which is supposed to be quicker and simpler but of course, it would not take my passport because it said my name did not match the ticket.

I am bringing a big tub of stuff for us to use for George Camp in Suchitoto tomorrow and Thursday. Pray the black light bulbs make it! I have 50 lbs of stuff for gifts and supplies 🙂

the flight to Fort Lauderdale was delayed several times, pushing our arrival from about noon to almost 3pm. We were picked up by Mike Liebler who carried me to the bank because I had not been able to get any cash for this trip due to many other issues last week. Fortunately we made it but some of the checks had not cleared so i’m having to roll with what I got and will find a way once I get to ES if I need more.

We had our last American meal at Ruby Tuesday’s. Mike treated us to a great lunch and we worked on some other stuff concerning We left there and went to McDonald’s to use some wifi. Then we made our way back to the airport, which is where I am writing you from now. They just announced that the flight to ES won’t depart here until 1:30am now! Wow! It’s been a super long day! And it seems like tomorrow will be too! We are scheduled to be at the church to depart for Suchitoto by 7:30am. This means about 3 hours of sleep.

We will then leave for this wonderful place hidden away in the mountains of El Salvador called Suchitoto. I’ve been here once before and it really is lovely. We will go to lead about 20-30 kids in some George Camp activities for about 3 hours tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow will be wet day games and Thursday will be the gross day games. Please keep us all in your prayers as this is the first time the ES team has tried to do any kind of event like this. They are all excited as are we about the chance to take George Camp international! Haha…who would have ever guessed?

Pray for rest tonight. Pray for travel. Pray for salvation decisions. We will also host a glow day at some point during the time I am here and have a few performances at the deaf schools. Pray for God to MOVE! Thanks. I’ll check back in as much as I can.



Kentucky VBS

This week I am in Williamsburg, KY working with about 60 middle and high school kids for a VBS sort of thing. They brought me in because they didn’t want to do the traditional VBS for the older kids. I’ll be speaking and signing all week.

So far God has already blessed in some really cool ways. Last night at the first meeting, 3 kids made first time commitments to Jesus and a couple more came forward for rededications!

There’s a group of 35 people from Huntsville, Al here serving as well. They come each year to serve. They are helping with construction of some buildings nearby and the VBS in the evenings.

The need is so great here! Please be in prayer as  the heartache and dysfunction for many of these kids just overwhelms me! I heard yesterday that out of a school of 400 that 102 of them were seen in court last school year because of drug use/possession…this is 12years old-18years old! The stories of the poverty, the family dysfunction, and the rampant drug use was enough to give me pause and wonder what in the world does one do in this situation?

Thank God for this little church and old pastor, who believe in reaching out to these kids and their parents! This small little church, which started 202 years ago (not this same building of course) made a decision several years ago to reach out to the youth of this community and make a difference. Last year they had more kids attending their VBS than any other church but one in their entire region! They had over 200 kids stuffed in this building last year!

This year they opted to use the local elementary school to host the older kids to free up some pace and provide something different for the older kids too.

Last night we had about 40 or so kids with us and they had well over 100 in the church. God has blessed the church with 4 vans that run a route for over an hour each picking up kids and bringing them to Wolf Creek Baptist Church.

Please be in prayer this week that all the vehicles and drivers and passengers are safe! Pray that God will use this week of VBS to change people’s lives! Pray that God will work a miracle in Williamsburg, KY and break the stronghold of drugs, sex and other addictions here!

In your prayers also be praying for me as I am feeling a slight cold coming on and really desire to not be sick this week or going into the trip to El Salvador. I’ll be in Kentucky until Friday morning. I’ll then return to GA to prepare for the trip out of the country on Monday, July 9.