Interview With Jorge Campos

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From being an intern with Vision 2 Hear, to serving as a short-term missionary in countries like Romania and Iceland, Jorge has had a huge impact on many people around the world. In this interview he shares about his ministry and impact of Vision 2 Hear on his life and plans about the future for Vision 2 Hear El Salvador.


Hey Gang,


I just wanted to briefly outline the goals and reason I have them listed for this year.Over the past few years I have felt somewhat of a disconnect within our teams from the spiritual disciplines that I really value and feel necessary for a ministry like ours to practice. Even though I do most of these kind of things personally, I have not encouraged them as strongly as I need. If our ministry is to continue to grow and become all that we can be for the Kingdom, it is of vital importance that each person see the need to adopt these kind of habits. Moreover for your own personal relationship with Christ and God, these sort of disciplines cannot be ignored. Let me outline them now. Please feel free to comment or drop me a line if you have questions etc.

Goals for WAVE Teams

Each team meets once a month with me.

Over the course of this year, I will be making an effort to meet regularly with each team. This will be more difficult with teams in FL but I think it is certainly doable. The reason this is so important to me is because 1) you are all like family to me 2) If we are not meeting face-to-face on a regular basis it’s harder for you to understand and know my heart and the direction of the ministry. This may require some creativity but I feel like if everyone is on board, we can all make the necessary adjustments to be at that particular practice. Of course, this will only happen if each person on the team is committed.

Each team member does 10 hours of service this semester

This may sound like a lot but it’s really not. If each person were to serve in their church service during nursery a couple times a week or offer to do something for an elderly couple etc. The 10 hours would be done within a couple months. A couple trips to a nursing home or homeless shelter will knock out several of those hours at any given time. This is very important because each of our team members need to understand the value of serving and being involved off the stage. Leading people in worship from the stage is a great feeling but living worship in every day life is what we are called to do.

Each team member memorizes 10 verses

For as long as we have been in existence, memorizing scripture has been an integral part of our discipling. Over the last several years this has become a lax part of our discipline. We must return to this because I feel it is important to hide God’s word in our hearts to help us in areas of life (Ps. 119:11). Knowing God’s Word is certainly more important than knowing a song. A list of verses will be posted soon.

Each team member has a devotion 5 days a week

Aside from salvation, making a decision to have a personal devotional time with the Lord is the greatest, life-changing decision one can make. Adopting this practice will not only deepen each person’s relationship with God but it will provide the foundation for performing, serving, and ministering to others. The more of God’s word we know, the more we will be able to use in counseling others. There are several great devotionals out there and many can also be found online. This doesn’t require tons of time but it does require a commitment. We all make time for things that are important to us. If we have time to text, surf the web, Facebook, tweet, watch TV, listen to music, then we most certainly have time to read God’s Word. Set aside 15 minutes a day and I promise you within a month…perhaps less, you will see a difference in yourself and so will others!

Each team member attends church 1 x a week 

Because our ministry is geared to serve the local church and Kingdom of God at large, we desire for each person to attend church services at least once-a-week. Being plugged into a local gathering is not only scriptural but necessary in growing as a believer. It’s in a local church setting where we hear God’s word, develop relationships and find ways to serve others. We want each person plugged into a local assembly as a “church” even it’s an on campus ministry or some other local body that gathers to worship Christ.

Each team member is being discipled by someone and mentoring another

We also are pushing this year for each person on our teams to be discipled and mentored by someone older and for each team member to disciple someone younger. Discipleship is clearly stated to be important to Jesus. If someone is not currently discipling you, please pray about approaching someone who is older, more mature in their walk with Christ as asking them to give you an hour a week of their time for prayer and questions. Most anyone you ask would love to be part of your life in this way. 

Also, please prayerfully consider someone younger than you that you can begin to pray for and if not meet together, you can simply text, Facebook, or email prayers for and connect with throughout the week.

Each team member supports mission work

We are asking that each person our team be involved in mission work of V2H somehow. This could be through prayer lifting up mission projects we are involved with throughout the world, to support local mission projects with your attendance and support. Each year V2H offers several ways for teams and their members to serve in a missions aspect of sharing the gospel with people on another culture. We believe that is is important for each person on our teams to have cross cultural experiences, even if it’s trying new foods, learning new language skills, or engaging a different country altogether. Please consider how you can be involved in the ongoing mission projects with V2H and plug in.

Each team member attends 3 practices a month

Finally, our goal is to have each member attending 3 practices a month because it’s really hard to work on music, placements, dramas, etc. if people are not consistently at practices. We ask that everyone be as committed to this ministry as you would be to any sport or other endeavor. This is to ensure that we can become the very best we can be and honor God with our talents and teams. Obviously we know that sometimes things come up but as a regular habit, members should be at practices the majority of time.

With these goals and practices in place, not only do I feel our teams will be stronger but I believe so will each individual person on our teams. Such commitments will bring great results as we serve the Lord together and push one another toward Christ. 

Please feel free to message me or comment if more explanation is needed.


Living in an HD-3D World

Is anyone perplexed by how everything in our world is moving to HD and 3-D?

I am simply amazed that everywhere I turn the marketers and advertisers are selling HD/3-D. I mean good HD and 3-D can’t be beat, right! There’s nothing like sitting down and watching a show or movie where the objects can be distinctly seen, as if they are coming right at you and all of that with surround sound! Many guys just salivate walking into a Best Buy and passing all the possibilities! It’s no wonder that the world is looking for the same thing from Christians!

An HD-3-D Christian is what people really want to see! Sadly we have too many “HM” Christians: High Maintenance Christians. Oh they complain about every little thing; whining when they can’t get their way, arguing and fighting over the most senseless things. And all of this is in 3-D surround sound!

Maybe you have heard the phrase:

“Your walk talks and your talk talks but your walk talks more than your talk talks.”

This is not original with me but it has been around for a while. It’s so true! What we say is important but how we live is what matters! If the world is ever going to be convinced that Christ is the answer, that He is worthy of our lives, we as Christians must start living this way!

The world is confused by us. Angered by us. Disenchanted with us! This is why: what we are doing speaks so loudly they can’t hear a word we are saying! Everything we do is in HD-3D. It’s right in front of their eyes! This is one of the reasons we have our name as “vision 2 Hear”.

As a Vision 2 Hear we  want to be a visible example so that others want to hear what we have to say. We want to live what we say we believe because if you don’t live it then you don’t believe it. It may sound good and reasonable but we know what we believe by how we live.

William A. Ward has said:

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

The question is who does your life inspire? As a teacher or “preacher” or minister of the gospel (which we all are), are others inspired by the way we live? Do others ever question you about your life choices or do they stop their ears because they are tired of hearing the chatter because the way you live doesn’t seem to matter?

In an old Peanuts comic Lucy says to Charlie Brown: “I would have made a great evangelist.” Charlie Brown answers, “Is that so?” She says, “Yes, I convinced that boy in front of me in school that my religion is better than his religion.” Charlie Brown asked, “Well, how did you do that?” And Lucy answers, “I hit him over the head with my lunch box.”

We have far too many “Christians” hitting people with their lunch boxes instead of simply sharing lunch. In a world of HD and 3-D we have to make sure that we are living right and doing right if we are to hoping to make any impact at all. The world is watching and they certainly see and hear the differences. Start living in HD-3D for the Lord. Let your words and actions demonstrate and communicate the love of Christ. When you do, people will start asking you about your faith and you will be surrounded with people of interest!


ES Update 2

Relay For Life Event

On Saturday, February 25, I was able to join the Miami WAVE Team from Wayside Baptist Church in the Pinecrest Relay For life.  The event started at noon but we were there early to set up and prepare for the day’s events. Vision 2 Hear and the WAVE team was one among many great talents and artists sharing entertainment and stories of hope for those dealing with cancer.

This is Kathi and Amanda setting up a display for Jaivon Kemp who was part of one of our WAVE teams several years ago at PBCA who succumbed to brain cancer when she was in 4th grade.

Just a couple of short months ago, another student associated with members of our team passed away from brain cancer. His name was Michael Vile.

Both of these students were very inspirational to our team.

Since last November, Kathi has been working diligently on details for getting the Relay together for the WAVE team to participate. All of her hard work certainly paid off!

The team not only performed well in music and sign but they generated funds and much awareness  throughout the entire process.

The theme for the year’s relay was Romantic Movies and our team chose Stardust.

With the announcement of our name everyone marched around the field and prepared for the kickoff performance.

The Relay was made up of over 40 booths and tables of sponsors with a couple thousand showing up throughout the day. Our team performed several songs on this 84degree day. Check out some clips from the songs here:

New Day

Open Skies

The event continued with something called “Miss-ter” Relay. This is when each team has to have one guy from their team dress like a girl and try to convince people to give them money. Whoever generates the most money in an hour wins. Carl came in second place generating over $40.

The team did various other things to generate money like selling chocolate covered pretzels to playing games with the kids. David Ramos also brought his saxophone and played for 45 minutes walking around for donations. The response was great as well! You can see from this picture that a woman is pulling out some cash to make a donation!

I had to leave earlier than the scheduled time for the event’s end. It officially started at noon Saturday and as to go until 6am on Sunday morning. I was only there for a few hours and we even performed for much less than that. In fact, I wasn’t really even in the sun for very long, but as you can see from this picture, the sun was intense enough to give me a good cooking on my head.

It was great though and worth it to be part of this wonderful event that raised thousands of dollars to try and find a cure for cancer. We are all affected by this tragic disease and it was my privilege to be part of helping to raise funds and support the effort. My grandfather (George Washington Lockhart) died from bone cancer when I was 15 years old and being that he and my grandmother were raising us, this was devastating to say the least. So I am thankful for those who are fighting the disease and fighting for a cure!

Thanks so much to our Miami Wayside WAVE Team and Kathi Gallo for heading all of this up for Vision 2 Hear and the Relay For Life! I’m so proud to work with such great students and leaders! Keep up the great work in Miami!