Three Weddings In Two Weeks

Three Weddings In Two WeeksThis weekend officially ends my summer activities and commitments. And I go out with a great celebration! Three good friends of mine have gotten married in the last two weeks. Two of them, Nick Poole and Shane Vicry were former interns with Vision 2 Hear and the third, which I actually couldn’t attend đŸ˜¦ was for former Board Member of Vision 2 Hear, Tony Lawson.

So as I wrap up the summer, here are a few things I learned from weddings this summer.

Family is number one priority.

There are very few things that bring people together anymore but thankfully we still have weddings! People travel from far and wide to be part of weddings and to celebrate with their loved ones as they begin this epic journey called marriage. Even though I am not “blood-related” (nor were many others), I logged a lot of miles (as did several others) to celebrate with my “sons” in the ministry. If things would have worked differently, I would have attended Tony’s wedding also because he’s a dear friend known to many as “Uncle Tony”. If there’s only one thing to take away from the wedding experiences this summer it’s a reminder that seeing family and being part of each other’s lives is paramount to the human experience. But I did learn a couple of other things too đŸ™‚


Take advantage of the venue, area and travel.

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Traveling such long distances for things like weddings not only costs much but can require a fair amount of time. Building in an extra day of time to sight-see, or even rest and simply enjoy where you are is something I feel quite valuable and rewarding (as long as it’s not on a Monday in Dallas. It seems all museums are closed on Mondays!) Not quite sure what I could have seen in Williamsburg, KY haha but we could have had fun in the Sav-A-Lot parking lot I suppose. jkjk!



Enjoy reliving past stories and creating new ones.

From bachelor parties to rehearsal dinners, weddings are great events to relive great and meaningful stories from the past as well as create unforgettable memories for the future. The weddings I attended over the last couple of weeks were full of so many wonderful tales that have been told and retold for years now. But there were also some incredibly funny and touching stories created during these life events that I’ll not soon forget.


Say the words that need to be said.

It’s a given that certain people will make toasts to the bride and groom, parents will make speeches and the bridal party will share their thoughts, but even if you don’t fit into one of those categories, share your words, thoughts, feelings and support publicly and privately with the bride, groom and other close friends. As it’s seldom that we get together with this many people that we love and miss at a given point in time, take advantage of moments of vulnerability and transparency to say what is really in and on your heart. even though we expect the Bride and Groom to say “I do”, it’s a great time for you to reaffirm how much you love those in attendance as well.

I have much more to contemplate from this summer, but these were just quick and on my mind so I wanted to share them. Let me say a huge congratulations to Nick and Maribeth, Tony and Jenn and Shane and Maddie on their recent weddings. I love you guys and wish you the very best lives together as possible. Thanks for letting me be part of your families and I’m truly thankful to have you as a part of mine.



Nick Poole and Maribeth Gillis

Nick Poole and Maribeth Gillis

Tony Lawson and Jenn Roof

Tony Lawson and Jenn Roof


Shane Vicry and Maddie Doucet

Shane Vicry and Maddie Doucet