Shared this quote this morning at Miami

Shared this quote this morning at Miami Christian. #v2hmiami, #v2hlight,

Nicaragua/El Salvador October/November


Dear Friends,

I am making plans for a return visit to Nicaragua and El Salvador in October/November. The trip will be in conjunction with my church New Vision in Fayetteville, GA. Right now there are 2of us with V2H attending and 3 from New Vision. This trip will consist of several different ministry opportunities. We will plan to travel to a couple of the same places we have been previously like Ten Tall and The Dump in Chinadega. We will also be visiting a nearby orphanage and ministering to about 20 children who live there.

Jorge Campos will travel from El Salvador and meet us in in Padre Ramos to help with translation, as well as, meet with student leaders and help with training and ministry opportunities. We plan to have several teaching and training modules in addition to the usual Bible study times each evening.

Trevor and I will then leave with Jorge on October 27 and travel by bus to San Salvador, where we will be until November 4. During this time, we will have a few training sessions with V2H El Salvador leaders, along with the leadership of the church plant “The Church” under Mario DeValle’s leadership. Mario planted this church about 3 years ago and has been growing much since that time. We are excited about the privilege we have to invest in their leadership and training. We will also work with some other college age Americans who are there for Global Year, through First Baptist Woodstock. We will do some mission training exercises and of course we will perform some sign language and host a couple of events for outreach.

To cover Trevor and my expenses and help cover Jorge’s travel to Nicaragua, we need to raise about $1000 more. Then I am also trying to secure another $2000 to cover a trip to India in late November to work with some church plants and orphanages. The $2000 covers everything from round trip flight to housing etc. This is a very good price for a trip like this. So all told, I need to generate $3000 over the next few weeks. This is an enormous amount of money for the time frame, I understand. With life as it is for many of us, it would simply be unthinkable. However, I do believe in a God who is able and in friends like you who are generous and want to help.

Would you simply consider a gift of $5? Do more if you can but $5 from everyone I know on Social Media could be enough to get me, Trevor, Jorge in all the places I’ve mentioned and then get me to India and back a couple of times easily! Your contribution would be helping us make a significant difference around the world. Please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible contribution at




Great last day at CFA! We reconnected wi

Great last day at CFA! We reconnected with friends at KIX & Branches too. A recap following soon. Tired. Sore. Good!

From My Heart To My Hands: Lay Me Down 3

Song Devotional (3)


We sign so many songs that sometimes we can get lost in the true meaning of the words! It is easy for that to happen, so we need to make sure we understand what we are praising.

In Lay Me Down, we are offering ourselves up. It’s a song of surrender!

Do you ever lift your hands up in church? In the past, the ritual for surrender was to give your weapons to your enemy. You would give everything away and leave yourself exposed and vulnerable. You and your surrounding individuals would then raise your arms in submission.

It is the same premise for when we are worshiping God. We lift our hands and offer ourselves to God. We give everything up to Him, and surrender both our problems and ourselves to God. We become defenseless and dependent.

There’s nothing wrong with that though. In life, we often harden our hearts and teach people to trust no one. When we let our guard down and let Christ have us completely, it will make a huge difference. However, our daily sacrifice won’t make sense to others. People will not be able to understand why we live this life, especially if we do it with happiness.

It will be my joy to say Your will, Your way.

Let the song be your prayer. Let the words roll off your tongue as a humble sacrifice to God. You are giving yourself to the living God that created you, the God that is greater than anyone in the world. You belong to Him, and even when the world gets tough, it doesn’t matter because you have already won. You are victorious.

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory. 1 John 4:4a

Lay me down, I’m not my own. I belong to You alone. Live or die, I’m not mine. I only belong to You.

You don’t belong to yourself.

You don’t belong to your inadequacies.

You don’t belong to your struggles.

You don’t belong to your sins.

These failures are not hooked to you, nor do they belong to you. Your identity is found in Christ alone.

Lay yourself down. It’s time to surrender.

DSC_0166Trevor Jenkins is a recent High School Graduate serving as a student intern with Vision 2 Hear. He has been part of Vision 2 Hear for 7 years and traveled extensively performing and sharing. You can check out his blog at

The Next Big Step: 7 Small Steps To Take Before Making The Big One

Originally posted on George Lockhart:

The Next Big Step

Wisdom. We all need it. But let’s be honest, sometimes making the best right decision is not always easy nor clear. I wish the Bible gave clear-cut instructions on everything I would face in my life but it doesn’t.

There are clear principles however that the Bible and other meaningful people and books make available which can help when faced with making larger than life decisions. I’ve had to make several “life-altering” decisions throughout my 45 years and here are a few things I have learned to practice before I take the next big step.


It seems like an easy thing to just say pray but I mean really PRAY! Often it’s easy to simply look at prayer as asking God to bless a decision we are already settled in. But prayer is really about aligning with what God wants. Before taking any step or making any decision, spending ample…

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The Weight of Waiting Part 1

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WAIT1When it comes to waiting, we hate it. Do not act like you don’t because we all know that you do. We have 3G, 4G, one day 5G, ultra fast internet, fast food, instant food, express line, express lane, Google instant, autosave, and autofill. We live to never wait.

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Voices From Around The World

V 2 H

As you can see in the news, it is common to show awesome people who did awesome stuff. Nobody expects to see someone who didn’t do something great. Like most of the Christians who stay in the back and do what they hear from God sometimes I thought that I need to have an awesome gift to work in God’s kingdom. I saw all the great things that the Christians in my church did with their gifts from God like speaking or healing.  I didn´t see any “cool” gifts I got from God in my life. So I thought I couldn´t help in God´s kingdom. Maybe you think the same? You see a great guitar player who plays in your church and is touching people’s hearts. Then you think, you can never play as good or as special as that guy. I had kinda the same problem. I listened to great Christian musicians who did great things with their music. I play the guitar myself but I thought I can never stay on stage to praise God in front of many people .

Let me show you the life of Andrew in the New Testament. Andrew saw Jesus baptism and understood what John the Baptist said: “Jesus is the messiah, you need to follow him”. He was so interested in Jesus that he decided to follow him. Then he did one of the hardest moves. He invited his brother to follow Jesus, too. (John 1, 35f)

I think to invite your brother or family is really hard if they don´t believe in Jesus because I don´t want to lose them and don´t want to start an argument with my brother. That was a great step from Andrew. So now that Andrew was one of the first disciples I thought that he had special privileges. But later you can see that his brother was one of the closest disciples. Andrew didn’t see Moses and Elijah on the mountain or go with Jesus deeper in the garden of Gethsemane. Also when the disciples waited on the Holy Spirit Andrew saw his brother doing an awesome speech which led 3.000 people to Christ.

I think Andrew would have had the right to be jealous of his brother. He was a disciple before his brother and saw him doing all the awesome stuff with Jesus. But nowhere in the bible do you read that Andrew was jealous! He was so enthusiastic of being a disciple of Jesus and he wanted everybody to feel the same. Like in John 12, 20f. Philip didn’t know what to do with the Greeks who wanted to hear Jesus because they where gentiles. But Andrew just thought: “Hey I want them to feel the same as I did when I met Jesus.” So he said that they can come closer and listen to what Jesus had to say.  Also he thought in very easy ways. In John 6 the disciples and Jesus wanted to feed the people but Philip said that they didn’t have enough food. But then Andrew came and said that he found a boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Andrew thought his suggestion was bad but Jesus did a great wonder out of it.

Some people see difficulties in capabilities but some people see capabilities in difficulties.

Andrew was not a man with an awesome gift in the first place. He was quiet and a good servant. He appreciated that he was one of Jesus disciples and was so amazed by that, that he wanted other to feel the same. He was a kind of a man who left traces in somebody’s life as a “normal” man.

For me was that a great answer on my thoughts. I don´t need such a great gift I thought I need. I can be a guy who leads people to Jesus and encourages them to work for God´s kingdom.  I also play with my skill level in a band to praise God. Now I know that I don´t need to be a solo artist who touches people´s hearts. I know I can play in a band that touches people´s hearts.

How many leaders do you think used Jesus to lead people to God who then did great in His Name?

How many of these leaders were mentioned?

Wie man in den Nachrichten oft sehen kann, zeigen sie erfolgreiche Menschen, die Großes getan haben. Niemand erwartet in den Nachrichten jemanden, der nichts Spannendes gemacht hat. Wie viele Christen, die nur im Hintergrund bleiben und das tun, was sie von Gott gesagt bekommen. Früher habe ich gedacht, dass ich eine außergewöhnliche Gabe von Gott brauche, um in seinem Reich zu wirken. Ich sah all die Christen in meiner Gemeinde, die coole Sachen erreichen konnten, da sie eine Gabe von Gott bekommen hatten, wie z.B. Prediger oder Heilung. Ich sah keine außergewöhnlichen Gaben in meinem Leben, die ich von Gott bekam. Also Schluss folgerte ich, dass ich nicht an seinem Reich bauen kann. Vielleicht denkst du auch so ähnlich. Vielleicht siehst du einen großartigen Musiker, der die Herzen der Menschen mit seiner Musik berührt. Dann denkst du, dass du niemals so gut oder so berührend, wie dieser Musiker, spielen wirst. Ich hörte richtig gute Musiker und spiele selbst Gitarre, aber ich sah mich nicht auf der Bühne vor vielen Leuten stehen. Geschweige denn Menschen durch meine Musik zu verändern.

Ich zeige euch jetzt das Leben von Andreas aus dem neuen Testament. Andreas sah Jesus´ Taufe und verstand was Johannes der Täufer meinte: „ Geh folgt Jesus nach, ich weise nur Auf ihn hin.“ Er war so an Jesus interessiert, dass er sich entschied ihm zu folgen. Dann entschied er sich für einen der härtesten Schritte. Er ging zu seinem Bruder und brachte ihn auch zu Jesus, damit Dieser auch Jesus  folgt (Joh. 1, 35ff).

Ich denke es ist sehr schwer seine eigene Familie, die ggf. nicht an Jesus glaubt, einzuladen Jesus zu folgen, denn ich möchte mich mit ihnen natürlich nicht streiten. Deswegen war Dies ein großartiger Schritt von Andreas. Da Andreas einer der ersten Jünger war, dachte ich er habe spezielle Privilegien. Aber später kann man lesen, dass dem nicht so ist, sondern, dass sein Bruder Petrus, den er zu Jesus geführt hat, zum engeren Kreis von Jesus gehörte. Andreas sah nicht Mose und Elijah auf dem Berg oder ging tiefer in den Garten Gethsemane, um mit Jesus zu beten. Sein Bruder war jedoch dabei. Auch als die Jünger auf den heiligen Geist warteten und schließlich empfingen, hielt Andreas´ Bruder eine krasse Rede, bei der 3.00 Menschen Jesus folgten.

Ich denke, dass Andreas jedes Recht dazu hatte auf seinen Bruder sauer zu sein. Er war ein Jünger Jesu bevor sein Bruder es war und er sah seinen Bruder, wie alles Coole mitmachen durfte. Aber nirgendwo in der Bibel lese ich, dass Andreas sauer war! Er war so begeistert davon Jesus zu folgen, dass er überzeugt war, dass jeder genauso fühlen muss. Wie in Joh. 12, 20ff: Philippus wusste nicht, was er mit den Griechen machen sollte, die zu Jesus wollten, da sie nicht-Israelis/Heiden waren. Doch Andreas dachte: „ Hey ich möchte, dass sie so fühlen, wie ich.“ Also sagte er den Griechen, dass sie näher kommen können, um Jesus zuzuhören. Er dachte auch in sehr einfachen Schritten. Als Jesus zu der Menschenmenge gesprochen hatte, wollte er ihnen Essen geben, doch niemand der Jünger wusste woher man denn so viel Essen nehmen sollte. Nur Andreas kam mit einem Jungen, der 5 Brote und 2 Fische hatte. Andreas dachte vielleicht, was für eine schlechte Idee, dass wird niemals reichen, doch Jesus machte Großes aus seiner kleinen Idee.

Manche Leute sehen in Schwierigkeiten in Möglichkeiten und andere sehen Möglichkeiten in Schwierigkeiten.

Andreas war in erster Linie kein Mann mit einer großartigen Gabe. Er war eher ruhig und ein guter Diener. Er schätzte wert, dass er ein Jünger Jesu war und war so begeistert davon, dass er andere auch zu Jesus führen wollte. Er war ein „normaler“ Mensch, der Spuren als „normaler“ im Leben anderer Menschen hinterließ.

Für mich war Das eine großartige Antwort auf meine Gedanken. Ich muss kein außergewöhnliches Geschenk von Gott bekommen, wie ich immer dachte. Ich jemand sein, der Menschen zu Jesus führt und sie ermutigt, in  Reich Gottes zu arbeiten. Ich kann auch mit meinem Fähigkeiten-Level in einer Band Gitarre spielen, um Gott zu loben. Jetzt weiß ich, dass ich keine Solokünstler sein muss, der die Herzen der Menschen berührt. Ich weiß, dass in einer Band spielen kann, die Herzen der Menschen berührt.

Wie viele Leiter gebrauchte Jesus, um Menschen zu Gott zu führen, die dann Großes in seinem Namen vollbracht haben?

Wie viele dieser Leiter kennst du?


Jan-Niklas Schmidt, Germany

Miami: First couple of days

2014-09-08 08.13.13-2

It’s Tuesday and what a first couple of days!

We arrived Sunday night and got settled into our place of residence for the next couple of weeks: The Gallos. For years now, The Gallos have provided tons of food for innumerable people, housing and real loving friendship and service for me and my travel companions. Whether they were interns, volunteers, or kids, The Gallo house has been a place of refuge and a home-away-from-home for so many. Those of you who have been here before can attest to that fact! It’s a little different this time, though; Amelia is not here. Last May, Amelia graduated and recently moved into her dorm at The University of Central Florida.

But we still have many faces here in Miami that we know and recognize. One of the cool things that has been happening is one of our “older” V2Her’s Vicki Jimenez has been employed by Christ Fellowship to work with their students in an after school program to teach them some sign language. Vicki has been working with them for a couple weeks to prepare them for our arrival. They have joined us on stage the last couple of days signing songs like Light Up The Sky and Superhero.


Me outside of the Nazarene Church, which is where Princeton Christian has their chapel services

After running into several people I haven’t seen in a while, I got an email from another friend, Pam Armstrong, principal at Princeton Christian School. She was able to arrange for us to be in their chapel service today. This was another great opportunity! We shared for about 45 minutes with close to 100 students before closing out the time.

During the week, the theme is Jesus is our Light. We are sharing many songs that communicate that theme and message. We are also using a few other songs that are classics for the students like Lawnmower and Ignition. They are all having a blast!

Kids preparing a song for chapel at Christ Fellowship

Kids preparing a song for chapel at Christ Fellowship

With the talks all being about Light, I am using objects like flashlights, light bulbs, glow sticks and such to communicate the message in ways that the kids can connect and easily understand. Please keep them in your prayers as the week continues on. Of course, our desire is that they all come to a better understanding of Jesus being their only Source of Light and that they move closer to Him throughout the week. Tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day, so please pray that as we share it will speak to all the people attending.

2014-09-08 19.31.12

Sunset yesterday. It’s great to be here!














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