Christmas Journal: Timing

Merry Christmas

“While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2:6-7


Timing is everything. Punctuality is important and cannot be overstated. But this is not an issue we have to worry about with God. He is not contained within or bound by time. However He works within time to accomplish His plans and purposes. We can rest assured thatHe is always and forevermore will be right on time!

Now I have to admit that there are times when I wish God would move a little earlier than He does. There are also times I wish He would not stretch my faith so far as to have me wait until the very last second until He comes through.Yet I must say that in the end, God’s timing is impeccable!

It’s then that I wonder why I questioned His timing. Isn’t He the One who sees the whole big picture? Isn’t He the One whose footstool is earth, looking down watching all that happens?Isn’t He involved in all that happens? Isn’t He intimately acquainted with every intimate detail of our lives? Can’t we trust Him to always be on time? Has He ever been late…ever?

As I thought through a couple things from today’s passage, I just wanted to remind us of a few things:

The Promise was fulfilled in a completely different way and time.

Who can say how many prayers had been offered for the Messiah to come? Who can say how many different ways it could have been carried out? Yet, God in His timing and plan, sent Jesus as a baby wrapped in a manger after years and years of waiting. The timing had to be just that way, in a way no one expected, through a young girl expecting.

Simply looking at the lineage of Jesus, one can easily see how the timing worked out. Looking at the history of the Jews and Romans and their way of life made it the perfect time for Christ to come and then be able to offer His life as a sacrifice for us. And at just the right time, He did.

Some situations are pregnant with possibility; don’t miss them!

Mary carried the Christ Child for around 9 months as most women do:that’s just how it works. But, there came a time when that pregnancy would give birth to not only the Promise but to more possibilities than anyone could have ever imagined! Even with all of our technology, no one can ever pinpoint exactly when the “due date” for a pregnancy is but there can be some definite possibilities. Only God knows the exact date and time of the birth of the Promise.

What “promises” are you awaiting God to fulfill in your life? What situations are pregnant with possibilities but your are not sure of the timing? Just wait.

Mary had to carry that Promise until the right time. It is easy for us to think that since God has given us the Promise that He is also going to give us an exact time but God doesn’t do that. He works within time but doesn’t always reveal exactly when or where or how. Mary had to simply carry the Promise as the Promise was placed within her. It was up to God to determine the place and time as to when the Promise would be revealed.

Waiting may be hard but enjoy expecting.

It is no easy task to wait for or carry a child. But there is much to be said about the joy of “expecting”. One thing is for sure, whatever God has placed within each and everyone of us, He will bring forth at just the right time to reveal His Son once again. And one, Christ Himself will come again, in flesh and bone. No one knows exactly when but we can be sure He will be right on time!


Spend some time with an expecting mother or family. Notice the joys, struggles, and questions about timing or planning and preparations.


Think back to when you and your family were experiencing pregnancy. Remember the joy, difficulties etc of the time in your life. Reflect on God’s timing in it all and how He has used that timing to perfect and produce other possibilities and promises to you.

Think about a business or ministry venture and remember the timing issue. Look back and remember all God has shown to you about His plan, purpose and possibilities that come from His Promises being fulfilled in His perfect timing.

What moments seem to be pregnant with possibilities now? What promises has God given you to cling too or placed within you?

What are you “expecting”? Are you willing to carry the burden full term? Are you willing to wait for God’s timing?

George Lockhart

Vision 2 Hear Ministries

It’s The Most __________________Time Of The Year Sermon

Here’s a sermon I shared at New Vision Church last weekend. Hope you are encouraged by it.

V2H WAVE Teams Performance Atlantic Station

Daniel’s Video

This is Daniel’s Video, whom we have been supporting in El Salvador for the last year, assisting with his school fees. Please continue to give that we may help him in 2015. Donate today.

India Slideshow

This is a video slideshow from India showing some of the work we are currently involved with assisting Sion Assembly Church.

Back From India



I arrived back in Atlanta last evening around 5pm. Once I collected my baggage and had my car dropped off, I began the little more than an hour drive back to Covington, GA. Once I got onto the highway, I knew I was back in GA…the traffic was slow and the roads were packed with rush hour traffic. But I couldn’t help but remember the roads and traffic in India and be a little more than grateful for even being able to have a car in such traffic.

Our trip home was a little eventful with challenges from flying “stand-by” but there was nothing over-the-top-major. We did have a little snag in Amsterdam when we checked in. Unknowingly, Brandon had scheduled his flight time for a later departure than ours. So we had to make some quick adjustments and try to get ours switched so we could all fly out together. We were able to make the adjustments. However, once we arrived at the gate a couple hours later, the lady working for KLM was not very happy with us citing that we had caused them major problems. She thought we had simply wanted to skip the first flight in hopes of getting better seating but this was not the case. After explaining a few things to her, she calmed down but one thing’s for sure, she was not a happy camper.

We eventually made our way back home and got through customs without any hiccup. I will make plans to write a more informational final blog detailing the trip and what I gathered from it next week, once I get readjusted to life here. I have many things to take care of this weekend, as well as I’m preaching two services at my church. Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Here are some of the pics from the last few days in Vijayawada.

A Walk Through The Slums In Vijayawada

Yesterday we went through some of the slums in Vijayawada. It reminded me of Nicaragua and Nigeria to some degree as you will see in the pics below. While we walked and took pics, we stopped and went into some homes, handed out candy bars to the kids and told people of the outdoor meeting for the evening.

We went through two areas. It was the second one where we had an impromptu performance of the Shark Song to promote the evening event. all the kids loved the song and we further promoted the crusade.

After coming back to the house, we had a meal, worked on various things like web design for the ministry here, discussion of other ministry needs and preparation for the evening service.

It was close to 8:15pm before we made it to the location, which was only a couple miles from the house. The streets were very crowded due to a wedding taking place. But there were about 200 people gathered around awaiting our arrival. We all shared testimonies and I shared several songs with WAVE. Brandon sang a couple songs and then I got to share a sermon and encourage the people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the end of the service we prayed over almost all of the people who were in attendance. There was one boy whom I prayed over that shared some of his story with me afterward. Please keep him in your prayers. This boy’s father committed suicide and his mother was “bewitched” (his words) and she died. He is now living with his grandparents but is in need. There are kids like this with similar stories throughout the slums and all across India. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift toward Vision 2 Hear so we can help. If you’d like to give toward helping orphans in India, please donate here: India





Black And White Pics From India

Vijayawada Day 3 Update

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was certainly a busy day. We made our way to a store opening for a man who belongs to Pastor Ragendra’s church. He asked us to come and celebrate the grand opening of his new store, to bless it and share a few thoughts and then be part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was a cool thing to do and to be invited to be part of. While there they gave us drinks and a nice spicy-sweet snack. I have to say my mouth was on fire, but I am a spice-wimp.

We then went shopping at the local “Walmart” to get some candy bars to give away at the schools. It was interesting to be inside a store like that, much like our Sam’s clubs/ Costco back home. While we waited for Pastor to check out, a guy asked for a photo of Brandon and I as we stood by. We have been asked for pics quite often in our last coupe of days being here. Perhaps people are just intrigued?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe left for the home of the man who just opened the store to have a meal at his house. It was also his wife’s birthday so we shared a meal and birthday cake. One of the funny things they do is feed each other cake, much like we do at our wedding ceremonies.

Then we left for the Christian school, which was about a 20 minute drive. Once we got there (we were running a little late), the students were all sitting quietly and patiently awaiting us. Each of us shared a few words and then we gave them some candy. It was great seeing their reaction to the Shark Song.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a quick visit there with some pics, we left for the next school and made another stop at a public school. Students were again very quiet and ordered as they waited for us. We all shared a few words and thoughts from our personal experiences with God and then I shared the Shark Song once again. And they loved it!

Being not very far from the orphanage at this point, we went to see the area where Pastor is building a park/Bible institute. He has the walls up, with the first level nearing completion. The playground is not yet set up because the land has to be leveled and other work has to be done before it can be properly installed. However, the work is moving along nicely.

To wrap up the long day, we had a meal at the orphanage and then had the outside meeting. About 200 people were attending the service where there was lots of music. Brandon shared a song, Al shared a brief word of encouragement and I shared some WAVE songs along with preaching. The response to all of it was very good and people seemed to be encouraged and blessed. After the service most of the people waited in lines for us to pray for and over them. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Overall the trip has been very productive and fruitful. I am still suffering from jet lag and a lack of rest. Since arriving, we’ve only had about 5 hours of sleep each day, as we haven’t quite made the 10-hour adjustment yet. There were a couple of times, I thought I was just going to pass out from sheer exhaustion but I recovered  long enough to speak/sign and make it to the house for bed. God has been good and my body is feeling better today. Please pray that our health holds up and that we get 100% energy before the weekend as Sunday will be an incredibly busy day with us traveling between 6 different meeting/ speaking locations. The church services begin as early as 6am and we will not be back to the house until closer to 11pm. Needless to say, we need to be rested for that day!

We are going to another school for performing and sharing this afternoon and then to meet with teachers. This school will be a catholic school, so we will have some good freedom to talk as we desire. Then I think there’s a youth event tonight where we will share once again.

I’ll update you as I have time. Until then, take care,





Vijayawada Day 2

Here are a few pics from the second day. We had a very busy time visiting around the city and taking in some sights and then the church service in the evening. Al, Brandon and myself all had elements in the service, consisting of preaching, signing, singing, and testimonies. It was a good day. We are still not 100%.

I got to share a song last night too. I ended up doing Take It All. The people loved it. We have a couple more chances to show them some songs and teach over the next couple days, so I really need to be rested well.

We didn’t get to bed util about 2am this morning and awoke a few hours afterward. So please pray for our bodies to adjust to the time here and for all the programming we have going on. It’s a very busy schedule today. Lots of meetings and travel today. Going to the orphanage today also!

Giving Tuesday Is Here!

v2h header giving tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday and I’m actually writing you from Vijayawada, India today. I am taking a few moments to ask you to consider making a contribution toward Vision 2 Hear and the ministry we are doing in the USA and around the world? We need your support to continue the work God has given us to do. For more information about #Giving Tuesday, click here: #GivingTuesday

Thanks for your time and gifts!



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