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Devotionals For Leaders: Here And Now

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Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? —John 14:9

Jesus is with you here and now. He’s in the room with you, in the car with you, in the office with you, as He is in the church with you. He’s in the argument with you, in the struggle with you, in the misunderstanding with you, as well as in the shining moments of success. The point is that He’s never not with you. You live as that’s not the case though. You tend to look at circumstances and allow that to form your belief instead of looking at His promises and allowing that to form your actions in circumstances. If you really believed He was with you everywhere, right here and now, you would act differently, think differently and treat others differently. You yourself would simply be different.

Somehow you forget…

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Devotionals For Leaders: Promises, Promises

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God always keeps His promises. Do we? God has a perfect record in keeping His Word and not once has He ever been near unfulfilling anything He has said He would do. If God has said it, it is more trustworthy than anything else you could take to the bank. As leaders, it is important to not trust your feelings or what seems to be the projections for the future. We must trust God and His Word. We must count on the Unchanging One, Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

We may struggle with a tendency to place God into the same category as others who have been undependable, disingenuous, or crafty but God is not. He is true to His Word and His Bond. What God has said, He will do. What He wants from us is that we act in accordance to His promises. It is…

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Devotionals For Leaders: When Questions Loom

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when questions loom

Questions are part of life. In fact, some questions may never be answered. So what do you do when you have lots of questions about life, direction, God or anything? Oswald Chambers said:

We never enter into the Kingdom of God by having our head questions answered, but only by commitment. The Highest Good—Thy Great Redemption, 565 R

Here are a few suggestions for when questions loom and you don’t know what else to do.

1) Pray.

It may sound trite or cliche’ but it’s really not. Prayer is the Christian leader’s first line to getting answers; and if not answers, at least some guidance. What is important for each leader to remember is that although we may feel we need a direct answer from God or others about certain things, through prayer and the Holy Spirit’s discernment, we can come to some decisive conclusions. If God is withholding a specific…

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Pedestrian Practices: Psalm 145:7-9

Pedestrian Practices #1 psalm 145-7-9

Devotionals For Leaders: Make A Splash!

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When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment…and plunged into the sea. —John 21:7

Jump! Are you willing to take that final step off the platform and into the pool? Are you desiring to springboard into the deeper waters of faith and obedience?

Peter in this case could not wait for the slow boat to arrive at shore. Instead, taking his shirt, with full abandon of the boat, fish and all that he had returned to after his denial, Peter launches heart-strong toward Christ. What is it that you are waiting for? What is it that you have returned to because you have felt the sting of your own denial? What is it that you feel unworthy to do?

Jesus has followed-up on His beloved disciples. They have gone back to fishing and returned to the life they knew before His calling. Little…

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Devotionals For Leaders: I Should’ve Just Stayed In Bed!

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And Peter said to Jesus, “Rabbi, it is good that we are here. Mark 9:5

John Denver sang a song called “Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stone”. That pretty much sums up life, right? There are those days when you at the end you are thinking: “ I should’ve just stayed in bed”! We all know there are gonna be good days and there are gonna be some bad ones. The problem is that when the good ones come, we want to hold onto them and even worship them (instead of the Giver of them). Then the bad days come and we curse God and accuse Him of abandonment and abuse.

During the Transfiguration, Peter wanted to remain on the mountaintop, offering to build booths of worship so that they could stay in that elated and ecstatic state for a longer period. However, Jesus didn’t allow it. Instead…

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Devotionals For Leaders: Giving Attention To Details

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Details. Details. Details. They matter. In fact, for the leader, everything matters. There’s nothing that you are going to deal with that doesn’t have some impact, even in the smallest of ways upon your life. comments, attitudes, and certainly words/actions have a profound impact upon us. And we use those very same things to make an impact upon others. It’s all about the details.

God is a God of details. So don’t underestimate the small things in your life, thinking that it doesn’t matter or that it’s insignificant. Don’t become so focused on the forest that you miss the fallen branch. God may be desiring to deal with you about a certain thing and yet you are too focused on something that seems a “bigger deal” to you. Stop thinking like and focus on what God is showing you. Be obedient in the smallest of details because God notices all…

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Devotionals For Leaders: Are You A Complainer?

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Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me… —Matthew 11:29

God isn’t giving you heaviness and weightiness because He’s trying to make your life difficult. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. God is giving heavier things for you to carry, heavier burdens, heavier hearts because He is showing His confidence in you to do something about it. Yet, how often do you complain?

Complaining is such a part of your existence that at times, you are not even aware of the complaints: they just sound “good” to you. Things like “I’m not good at this”, or “it’s too hard” or even “why me? aren’t they more qualified?” All of these complaints come as God begins to lay more and more responsibility and trust on you.

However, God is not asking you to bear it alone. He’s asking you to share the load that He’s carrying. God is the strong…

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Devotionals For Leaders: Overwhelmed By A Burden?

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Not all burdens are bad…there are some that are placed on us by God Himself and He intends us to do something about them. Namely what we are to do is to cast them back onto Him. No one is meant to bear their burden alone. God is not asking us to be solely responsible for whatever our burden is. In fact, when we try to be solely responsible, we run the risk of supplanting God and His power in people’s lives. God’s intention with whatever we sense a strong burden is not that we would be the complete answer but that we would labor along with Christ in prayer, service and love until the burden is gone. Burdens become burdensome and overwhelming when we start taking matters into our own hands instead of allowing God to be in control.

The leader must identify with the burden, whatever it is…

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