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3 Reasons For Ingratitude

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3 reasonsWith Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I thought I’d share a few reasons why I might be ungrateful sometimes. I hope you don’t find yourself in any of these mindsets either.


This should not be a surprise to anyone with pride being the root of all sin. Pride can rear it’s ugly head with a mindset that I somehow deserve what’s been done for me. By not giving thanks for a kindness shown, I reveal that in my heart of hearts, I somehow feel it beneath me to show gratitude.

Look at what Paul says to the people at Corinth:

For who regards you as superior or what sets you apart as special? What do you have thatyoudidnotreceive [from another]? And if in fact youreceived it [from God or someone else], why do you boast as if you had notreceived it [but…

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Weekend Update

The Movement: 30-Hour Famine

The church founded under Vision 2 Hear which meets in Hixson, TN hosted their annual 30-Hour Famine this weekend. With close to 60 people participating in the fast and service event for the weekend, students and adults alike not only grew in their faith but shared love among the community.

The Movement began the fast on Friday and ended Saturday evening with a shared meal. Throughout the event, the group did various things ranging from playing games or sharing in experiential exercises  where members had various limitations in order to better understand how others live. They also did yard work for people in the community along with preparing meals and serving them for the homeless.

We are very excited about how God is using this church to be the Church in the community in and around Chattanooga, TN. God has really been growing The Movement over the last 2 years and we can’t wait to see what is next. Here are a few pics from their weekend. As more information comes in, we’ll update you with how much they were able to raise to help the poor around the world. Thanks to Terry and all those who shared in this wonderful event! A special shoutout to Mary Ann Blevins for all her pics below.



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Giving Tuesday And More

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For the last few years, Vision 2 Hear has participated in #GivingTuesday, a day set aside to give back to the world. For more information about who or what Giving Tuesday is all about, check them out here:Giving Tuesday.
As part of their program, they have a couple of things we’d like to invite you to do.
1) Take a few moments to enter and vote here.  Your time efforts could really help us and help others.
2) Be part of the #Unselfie campaign using this pic template below or any other pic you like with the same hashtag #unselfie.
Here are a few examples you can use for inspiration.
2015-11-18 09.16.322015-11-18 09.16.482015-11-18 09.16.56
You can download this pic as a template and fill in your own blank.
Any donations made during #GivingTuesday toward Vision 2 Hear will go toward helping orphans in India in 2016. You can sponsor a child $50-a-month and make a huge difference! This covers their food, clothing, housing and schooling. We partner with S.A.C. Ministries. You can read more about their work here: SAC MINISTRIES

The Movement In Tennessee

TerryFor several years now, Vision 2 Hear has been reaching out as a church through The Movement in Hixson, TN. Terry Davis serves as the pastor of this church plant that meets in a small store-front building. Over the years Terry has faithfully poured himself into the church and more importantly its people. Terry still has a full-time job outside the church working with On Point, a local non-profit reaching into schools to impact students, yet he finds time to minister twice a week at The Movement. Continue to pray for them as they grow (now running close to 60 people on certain Sunday evenings) and begin looking for a new place to meet/gather as the space they are in now is not sufficient.

Also keep their upcoming events in your prayers:

30hour Famine

Thanksgiving Outreach For The Homeless

Christmas Concert WAVE Team

More El Salvador

You may have forgotten that we support a college student in El Salvador: Jose Aguilar…But I call him Daniel. I wanted to give you a quick update on how he is doing and what’s going on with him.

Over the last couple of years, we have been able to invest in Daniel, helping pay for his school fees because of generous donors. He has taken his classes and done very well. He’s gotten a great job and continued to grow in his faith and maturity. Here’s the big payoff: he’s investing in others!

Daniel has taken time faithfully over the last year and begun meeting with children in a poverty stricken area, teaching them english, along with the Bible and simply loving them to Jesus. He’s doing a fantastic job for the Lord and I simply wanted to commend him to you and to say thanks for your investment. He’s still got more school next year and we intend to help him once again. If you’d like to be part of this work and effort, simply make a donation at vision2hear.com and in a note let me know it’s for Daniel and the work he’s doing.jose 3

Thanks be to God who allows us to be part of His Kingdom work!




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Thanksgiving Preparation

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…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Do you find yourself being thankful this season? Have you taken time to truly THINK about Thanksgiving? To be truly thankful, we must be thoughtful. In life, busyness and distractions can easily prevent us from being thankful. Complaining and comparisons can also play a huge role for attitudes of ingratitude. But when we take the time to actually stop and consider all that we have (not that we could fully consider all we have because our minds can’t really comprehend it all), how blessed we are, regardless of our current situation, thankfulness has a chance to change our hearts.

Why not make some concerted effort to GIVE thanks over the next couple of days? Stop complaining and comparing for a few moments and consider what you have instead of what you don’t have. Giving thanks only matters inasmuch as you understand what you have been given. It’s impossible to be a growing Christian if you are not a grateful Christian.