October Devotional Guide: Light & Darkness Wk.1

Light and Darkness

Download this new week of devotionals below: Light & Darkness. This month we will study through Light and Darkness and some of what God, Jesus and others have to say about each. Hopefully, you will be enlightened and challenged as God brings you from darkness into His marvelous Light.

Read Matthew 5:14-16:

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


Day 1 Who is writing this verse? Who is saying this verse? To whom is it being said? Why would Jesus say something like this during this time? What doe you think is the overall meaning of this verse? What or how does that affect you as you move into a new month? Do you have a sense of challenge or hear God saying anything in particular about what He wants to teach you this month?

Day 2 Is the word “You” singular or plural? Does it change the concept or idea if it’s one way or another? What about the word “town”? How does your understanding of that word or “city” affect you as you consider what Jesus is saying about His message being shared?

Day 3 Where does a light belong? How is it meant to be used? What is the purpose? When you consider these answers, think about how it translates into your witness and worship of Christ in the world. Anything that stands out in your mind?

Day 4 When you think about light that Jesus and the people he was talking to, how important was light for them? Does it change the meaning or significance for us when we have so much light accessible? Do you ever think about light…when? How does that affect you?

Day 5  Why do you think Jesus calls His people Light? In Genesis 1, what does God create first? Do you think this has any correlation? How significant is “light” in the Bible?

Day 6 The verse above says our light is demonstrated how? Is it possible for our light to be diminished? In what ways does your light get covered or lessened? What can you do about that?

Day 7 Look at all the ways light affects you today. Consider the light outside, inside, natural and incandescent. See how it makes you feel, look, or even act. Would you say Light is powerful in its affects? How can you learn from this observation of how God has uses light in your life?

Download the pdf here: Light Darkness

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Hey Everyone,

We have been set up to receive based on your buying! When you use Amazon Smile, Vision 2 Hear will get a donation percentage based on how much you purchase. Amazon Smile is linked to Amazon and allows non-profit organizations like Vision 2 Hear to benefit from people who love shopping with Amazon and helping Vision 2 Hear. Thanks for remembering us when you use Amazon Smile!


Interview With Jorge Campos

suchitoto 3

From being an intern with Vision 2 Hear, to serving as a short-term missionary in countries like Romania and Iceland, Jorge has had a huge impact on many people around the world. In this interview he shares about his ministry and impact of Vision 2 Hear on his life and plans about the future for Vision 2 Hear El Salvador.

Daily Inspiration

2015-09-29 08.57.23

Many times we forget that God doesn’t use some “supernatural” way to speak to us but it can be in the stillness of the night, or in the quietness of our hearts. Slowing down, taking time to listen and prayerful reflection in God’s word is a great way to know and understand God’s call for your life. Why not set aside a few minutes over today and tomorrow to listen for God’s voice and solidify your calling with God. It can change your trajectory for the rest of the year and perhaps your whole life!

Remember that God is always calling. The question is are we listening?

Ministry Updates: India and El Salvador

This has been an exciting month for a couple of our sister ministries. In India, Pastor Rajendra and the community near the orphanage was able to get the long-awaited playground installed. This is a project we have been anticipating since the children’s ministry at New Vision Church generated the funds to donate this to the orphans.

As you can see from the pictures, the playground has several ways for the children to play and no doubt the children will be very excited to have this area to enjoy. The orphanage currently has 16 children residing (to my knowledge) and Vision 2 Hear along with a couple of other churches are helping to support them. If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan, please contact us at vision2hear@gmail.com for more information. We hope to update you soon from Pastor Rajendra with more pics of the WAVE Team and churches there. Until, continue to pray for Sion Assembly Church.

12042998_10152965196241511_431678561104467675_nVision 2 Hear El Salvador is moving into their 8th year of ministry. They will celebrate the “official” birthday in October. Recently, Jorge and many of the V2H members have continued their weekly visits to Suchitoto to work with the rural farming community and share Christ’s love. V2H ES has been instrumental over the last several years in providing physical assistance along with spiritual discipleship.

Jorge Campos, President of V2H ES continues to work at the state congress as an interpreter for the deaf, as well as serve V2H and organize the ministry efforts. We are very excited about all that God is doing through him and the members of V2H ES. He will be updating us soon with what projects they hope to accomplish in 2016. Continue to pray for them and all the work with the skater outreach, Suchitoto, and mission house ministry. If you would like to donate to V2H ES, you can do so through paypal.