The Next Big Step: 7 Small Steps To Take Before Making The Big One

The Next Big Step

Wisdom. We all need it. But let’s be honest, sometimes making the best right decision is not always easy nor clear. I wish the Bible gave clear-cut instructions on everything I would face in my life but it doesn’t.

There are clear principles however that the Bible and other meaningful people and books make available which can help when faced with making larger than life decisions. I’ve had to make several “life-altering” decisions throughout my 45 years and here are a few things I have learned to practice before I take the next big step.


It seems like an easy thing to just say pray but I mean really PRAY! Often it’s easy to simply look at prayer as asking God to bless a decision we are already settled in. But prayer is really about aligning with what God wants. Before taking any step or making any decision, spending ample…

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