Rosendo And South Africa

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Hey, I am Rosendo! I am 19 years old and graduated from high school this year. This fall I started an internship at Metro World Child.

What is it? Metro World Child is a children’s ministry founded by Pastor Bill Wilson. We reach about 120,000 kids worldwide, every week.

I’m in New York City right now to have a deeper faith in God, but also to get a concrete dream or desire for the rest of my life.
I was sure I was going to go back home to Germany to study, but God put a desire in my heart to become more equipped with Him. He showed me, through prayer and a “slap in my face” moment, that he has a other plans for me right now.

Pastor Bill Wilson once talked about an internship in South Africa. They need support and only have 4 spots available. I never had a heart for Africa, but in the moment he said it, my heart started to pound so fast that it was clear to be God’s call. He then began to open the doors quickly! I was in a meeting with Pastor Bill when he took his phone out during the meeting and called the Pastor in Africa. A few moments later I was acceptedfor the Internship.

Now I have an internship in South Africa that will help to reach hundreds of kids in Johannesburg. It starts right after Christmas, but I still need my Visa and plane ticket. That is why I need prayer and  support to raise money for my internship.

Anything you can give, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Give a donation here:Gofundme:Rosendo


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